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Langsdon-Travis-Remnant-Fellowship-Wedding-PreWedding02There is magic in the air as a beautiful summer comes to a close and September begins. No two people may be more excited to welcome September than Will Langsdon and Hannah Travis. Almost a full year after they first started a beautiful relationship that would change them both for the better, these two sweet saints will be tying the knot on September 17th— the 116th Wedding in the Remnant!

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Both Will and Hannah are forever grateful for Remnant Fellowship Church for not only bringing them together, but for the teachings they heard and learned here that pointed them to an incredible relationship with God— a relationship that only continues to make life sweeter and better more and more every day.

Finding God

Will praises God for the opportunity to grow up in the church as he “did not have to go through a lifetime of pain and suffering before finding this Truth.” He is thankful to have learned a message “of how to follow God completely in every area of my life.”  Hannah first started coming to church during her college years. She was at a low place in her life after a series of failed relationships and emptiness from running after the things of the world. But she began feeling God’s Spirit tug at her heart, and so, she started putting what she was hearing into practice.

Answered prayers for the first time…

The biggest thing for her was the answered prayers. “I had never experienced anything like that before,” she says as she reminisces about her first huge blessing from God: her car’s transmission completely fell apart and was going to cost her thousands of dollars, and somehow, she didn’t have to pay a thing for the repairs. That answered prayer quickly got her attention and she committed to seeking this relationship with God wholeheartedly in every area of her life.  She surrounded herself with like minded friends by fellowshipping whenever she could, getting an accountability partner and surrounding herself with resources that would point her back to God. And the blessings flowed! As they continued to seek God’s lead for their life, little did they know that their shared strong focus would soon bring them together.

As Hannah continued to look for more fellowship opportunities, she started helping with the Decorating committee and throwing herself into serving God by serving the saints. One morning while helping the Decorating team, Will stopped by and an idea was born. The rest, as they say, is history. Just months later, after a beautiful, peaceful time  of dating, they were engaged. Hannah shares that the relationship is “nothing but better and better every day. We are falling more in love with God and each other every single day.” She is grateful for the contrast between her relationship with Will and previous relationships she’d had in the past before she found a changed life through a relationship with God. “I used to argue all the time and get angry and jealous and be so bitter. I can’t even muster it up with Will…

“I have complete confidence in him because all he wants is a relationship with God. There is such peace.”-Hannah Travis

Will agrees and adds that “Hannah has been a rock in my life… It is so easy to talk to her because all we want to talk about is what God is doing in our life.”

Even during this busy time of engagement and wedding preparation, Will and Hannah are determined to stay focused on the only thing that matters: building this relationship with God. “Truthstream through WeighDown All Access constantly is key. All day, every day,” Will says referring to the library of encouraging audio and video resources offered through the Church. Hannah shares that her favorite resource lately has been the “History of the Love of God,”book by Gwen Shamblin because it’s all about love for God which spills over to a Christlike, wholehearted love for others. “When I focus on God, all of Will and mine’s needs are met, which has made this engagement process so peaceful. Everything has been taken care of, because God has provided people inside His church with a gift for each and every thing! I know I wouldn’t be getting married if it wasn’t for what I saw at Remnant Fellowship Church.”

Both of these beautiful saints are ecstatic at all that God has done in their lives and how He continues to move them and lead their new life together. Because of their constant and unwavering focus, God has truly blessed them in their jobs and in their relationships. The couple was recently blessed with a new home of their own that they are completely blown away by. True to their nature, they are most excited about opening it up to bless others and to make sure God is glorified.

As September 17th approaches, the two are looking forward to being even more in love with God and each other in the last few weeks of being an engaged couple. They are increasingly thankful that their marriage will be built on a strong foundation and surrounded by examples and truth at Remnant Fellowship. “God has truly established the closest to Heaven here on earth, and I am so grateful that we get to be a part of it.”

We are all looking forward to this day, Will & Hannah! And praying blessings on your new life together lived only to glorify God alone! 

Watch the webcast of Will and Hannah’s Covenant Wedding Ceremony

September 17, 2016 at 5:00pm CST 

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