Events for November 2022

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Watch highlights from the 116th Covenant Wedding at Remnant Fellowship Church…the marriage of William Langsdon and Hannah Travis, both very beloved and highly respected members of the Church. This very moving and worshipful service included Scripture recitation from children, a powerful message delivered by Gwen Shamblin, musical performances by the Remnant Bells and Choir, a ring exchange led by the groom’s father, Joseph Langsdon, and personal vows of commitment written by the bride and groom. As with all of the Weddings at Remnant, every beautiful detail that you see if this video—the food, decorations, wedding cake, music—were accomplished through the loving volunteer efforts of the Remnant Fellowship Church members.

What you will see captured on film is a childlike joy that is in the heart of every member of Remnant. The love for God and each other is real and a direct result of all of us finding a renewed relationship with God simply by putting into practice the Biblically-based teachings of Remnant. To learn more or to visit an assembly LIVE or via webcast, go to

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