October 12, 2011

“Feast Of Harvest” Celebration 2011 Starts Tonight

It’s that time of year again for Remnant, and there’s nothing but joy in the air!  All the Saints at this time are called to celebrate […]
October 20, 2011

Feast Of Harvest 2011 Summary

The quotes that are coming in from around the Remnant are that these Days of Awe and this latest Feast of Harvest was the best ever! […]
December 9, 2011

Remnant Thanksgiving – From Gwen

This article was pieced together from Gwen Shamblin’s recent Thanksgiving talk at Remnant Fellowship. Let it be said first that I am very appreciative of our […]
July 13, 2012

Let Everything That Has Breath Praise The Lord – A Celebration Of Remnant Fellowship Music

That title…the words that close the 150th and final Psalm…mean so much to this Remnant Fellowship Church. The messages poured out by GOD’S Spirit through Gwen Shamblin in nearly 30 years of Weigh Down and more than 13 years of the Remnant Fellowship have inspired much more than lost weight and changed lives. They have inspired an ever-growing catalog of MUSIC that literally is pouring down from the Heavens like a waterfall! Beginning with Michael Shamblin in the 1990s…and continuing with Michael and many more gifted musicians in this Church…we have experienced and continue to experience new and fresh music at a rate that feels like a fountain that never stops flowing.