RF Life is settling its roots at Middle Tennessee State University

Many college students at Middle Tennessee State University are gearing up for this next year planning parties and trying to fill up on “the college experience.” Members of the RF Life club on campus say they have found the ultimate college experience and its one they will never regret.

   With currently 40 members of this group, each member is staying strong and connected to God whether it is on campus or off. “My life has changed for the better! I am a better student and a more focused employee since I have put into practice what I have learned at RF Life.” said Junior Ivy Leaman.

 This group was started last year in order to, “reach out and encourage students in their walk with Christ, promoting good morals and a changed life.” As described by their MTSU Student Organization page. The club is in the process of setting a weekly meeting time for this current semester.  However, students encouraged and welcome to check their page on the MTSU website for updates and important event information as it becomes available.

Gabrielle Woodland, Elizabeth Diaz, Bethany Linton, and Maxine Whitney

Sophmore Jessica Graves said, “Being a part of this club has allowed me to become closer to all of my friends and gives us opportunities to get together and encourage one another.  I know that they will always point me up to God in every situation. I look forward to every opportunity we get to learn more about God!”

There are countless clubs and events taking place on college campuses throughout the world, so one may ask what makes this club different from all the rest? Ironically this was one question the members of the RF Life Club were most excited to answer.

“You can go to any of the groups around any campus and find nice people who will hang out with you for a night, someone to grab a drink with, or someone to party with and you really can find it anywhere. Here in the RF Life club is where the difference is; we all have the same purpose, we all have a relationship with God and it brings us together anytime day or night. This is the one group I have found that I am never pulled to do things that wouldn’t glorify God and in turn I have total peace.” described Senior Kurt Gadke

In the past semesters, the club has gone through bible study classes provided by Weigh Down Ministries in Franklin, Tennessee. These weekly bible studies have changed the lives of thousands throughout the World. Numerous individuals have been set free from depression, anger, over eating, and several other issues that hinder college students throughout their school career.

Freshman Maxine Whitney also described how her life has changed through what she has learned at the RF Life Club. “By looking to God, and trusting and obeying Him with every aspect of my life, I am have been set free from worry and stress!And I have seen how God blesses my obedience through things like good grades, not being tired in class, peace at home with my family, and just happy days!”

For more information about the RF Life Club at Middle Tennessee State University visit their page on the MTSU website at https://mtsu.collegiatelink.net/organization/rflife and for more information on the Weigh Down Ministries check out their website www.weighdown.com. By: Shanna Mchaney


Andy Steinman, Chris Radebaugh, Ivy Leaman, Margaret Langsdon, and Jaclyn Henry


  1. Wow! What HOPE!! Praise God!!! :oD!

  2. Zionnana says:

    Love these young adults that are making their college life a positive and not a negative. They are all in our prayers.

  3. JodiHfromHawaii says:

    I love these precious youth. They are shining for God so beautifully!!!! I praise God for these examples that I can tell my 3 boys to imitate.

  4. 4EverChanged4Him says:

    Love our RF young adults and am so excited for the future generations because of your love for God and your actions for God.

  5. jzcuriel says:

    WOW!!! I love hearing the testimonies of our youth as it gives us hope for the next generation.

  6. God_is_so_alluring! says:

    These are the happiest young adults to get to know, and they love meeting new friends! (Hello to the MTSU group from IL 🙂

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