Remnant Fellowship Summer Day Camp 2012 – The Connection

by David Martin

“Summer Day Camp” – Those three simple, short words are music to the ears of the children and parents of the Remnant Fellowship!  But this is no ordinary Summer Camp experience for this Church.  This Monday through Thursday Camp experience is more fun than words can describe, and it is a huge opportunity to strengthen our “connections” with GOD Almighty and with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.  Building upon Gwen’s powerful theme from her “History of the ONE TRUE GOD” collection, “The Connection” is the premise that drives every activity for our Day Campers this Summer – from studying GOD’S Word to a daily mindset of prayer, from every art project, craft, and song to every other fun activity, from the friendships built and strengthened to learning to love GOD more with each passing day, our children will end the Summer and enter the Fall school semester with stronger relationships with GOD than they’ve ever had before!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see or experience our Summer Day Camp over the years, here is just a sampling of some of the overwhelming blessings that are taking place as a result of this message being put into practice during these Summer months…

  • Our 2012 Summer Day Camp features over 200 children from not only our Nashville congregation, but also from Remnant Fellowship locations around the world!  Many U.S. states are represented – including Hawaii…as well as other countries like Canada, Spain, and Austria.
  • Weekly activities include youth choir rehearsal, swimming, water activities, slip-n-slide, nature hikes, visits to local nature centers, exploring botanical gardens, lots of sporting activities – both team and individual…with Godly sportsmanship being at the heart of any and all competitions.
  • Daily devotionals are led by Gwen Shamblin…along with several of our teenagers who serve as Junior Counselors.  Gwen’s powerful and practical lessons give every listener, of all ages, an awesome focus for the day!
  • The children are reading the Bible daily and also are memorizing several Scripture passages throughout the Summer.  As those words are studied and shared, they are being impressed upon their hearts and minds.  They also are reading through Gwen’s “History of the ONE TRUE GOD” book, of which the children say that they cannot get enough of!  They are soaking up these Truths and are understanding Spiritual Warfare like never before.
  • The fun continues with art projects designed to point the children up to GOD for everything, service projects, teen-led praise and worship in song, baking activities, and writing letters of encouragement to Remnant members around the world.  And the children also have the option to go through a Weigh Down Class, which teaches them to look to GOD for EVERYTHING!
  • The adults and teenagers who volunteer to be Counselors testify that THEY feel like the “blessed ones” to be spending the Summer around such Godly, sweet, loving, obedient, joyful children!


The list of blessings and activities can and does go on and on and on.

This Church treats each Summer as much more than a “break from school.”  This is a tremendous opportunity for our children to grow in wisdom and in stature…and in favor with GOD.  And along the way, they are building friendships that will last a lifetime.  Not only that, but they also are learning valuable skills that will take them through school, relationships, a career, and building families…all of which have GOD as the center of every day.  Getting their prayers answered through this “connection” to GOD is essential for their lives, and they are living this out!

Praise GOD for the Remnant Fellowship Summer Day Camp experience…and for every volunteer who helps to make it happen.  Bookmark this “Remnant News” website to get more updates on Summer Day Camp…along with lots more news about what is happening with the Remnant Fellowship Churches around the world!


  1. Gkaunisto says:

    Praise God for Remnant Fellowship summer camp!  I have had the privileged and honor of attending camp and helping as a counselor.  It is the best, most blessed time ever!!  Everyone wants to stay longer at the end of the day!!   I can testify to the behavior of the children; no grumbling, complaining, or whining, always happy, smiling, praising and thanking God for everything!  Learning how to live in this world the way God planned and by obeying HIS rules has strengthened my children and my relationship with God.  Relying on HIM for everything!!  It is an amazing life that I have learned through RF and WeighDown!!   

  2. jmw777 says:

    I praise God for these life lessons, and God is everything.  Our Children and families are miracles and blessings from being able to change our hearts and to connect totally to God and get our prayers answered!!!!

  3. BeckiePalmer7 says:

    So thankful for the leading of Gwen and leaders to have this program all summer long so families can attend when they are in TN!!!  What a blessing and living testimony to the sweet members who gladly give up their days to further God’s Kingdom.  So sweet!  It is amazing to see this many children working and learning together and of course we blessed over the top when able to participate!  The Connection theme is so real to each and everyone!  It’s all about God!

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