Remnant Fellowship Announcements and Events – August 13th – It’s a Covenant Wedding Week!

IT’S TIME for another REMNANT COVENANT WEDDING! – This coming Sabbath Day (Saturday, August 18th), we will celebrate the Covenant Wedding Ceremony of SHANE POLIVKA and MARGARET LANGSDON, two of our Godly young people coming from devoted and dedicated-to-God families.  Important details are listed below…

  • The WEBCAST for this event will begin in the 5:45pm CST range…as we open with beautiful music to lead us into the Ceremony.  The Processional and the official Ceremony itself will begin at 6:30pm CST.
  • You will not want to miss this glorious Assembly time and the message, delivered by Gwen Shamblin, that will accompany it.  If you’ve never witnessed a Remnant Fellowship Wedding before or heard one of these powerful Covenant messages, you are in for a Godly treat!  The sights and sounds will be Heavenly.
  • Because of this event, we will NOT have our regularly-scheduled 9:00am CST Assembly and Webcast.  The evening Wedding event will be our Assembly for that day.
  • ATTIRE for the evening is “DRESSY”…with a theme focusing on linen, white, khaki, etc. (light colors).  Ladies can feel free to wear short or long dresses.
  • Remnant Weddings and all of the planning and preparation that goes into them are a TEAM EFFORT.  Hundreds of members contribute their time and efforts towards the decorating, food, setup, floral arrangements, music, technical details, staging, the reception, and much more!  With this in mind, we will have volunteer work opportunities THIS WEEK at the Church Building in Brentwood, Tennessee to assist with these tasks…and the fellowship that accompanies the preparation is priceless!  The schedule for those opportunities is as follows:
  1. Tuesday (August 14th) at 6:00pm
  2. Following our 6:00pm Devotional time on Wednesday evening (August 15th)
  3. Friday (August 17th) at 6:00pm
  4. The Sabbath (Saturday morning – August 18th) at 8:00am

Don’t miss out on what will be a memorable week in the Remnant Fellowship!  If you are new and/or visiting, please feel free to join us for the Assembly locally…or via webcast.  However you visit us, know that God will be glorified, the Truth will be spoken, and His praises will resound!  It is an HONOR to celebrate the PURITY of a Covenant Wedding relationship between two righteous Saints…and to apply that Covenant pledge to our OWN relationships with God.  Join us!

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  1. BeckiePalmer7 says:

    Praising God to watch this body of believers work together as Gwen said like fluid! The hands, feet, eyes, ears, mouths and muscle have created an unbelievable sight on an unbelievably beautiful day in TN! So grateful to God for this opportunity to witness this sweet couple join their lives together! We love the Polivka & Langsdon Families! What a beautiful example of servants of Our Most High you are!

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