History in the Making – Gwen Shamblin’s August 11th Message to the Remnant Fellowship – “God’s Grace with Wonderful Conditions”

“For the grace¬†of God that brings salvation has appeared¬†to all men.¬†¬†It teaches us to say ‚ÄúNo‚ÄĚ to ungodliness and worldly passions,¬†and to live self-controlled,¬†upright and godly lives¬†in this present age…” – Titus 2:11-12

You likely will remember a few times in your life like this…a time, place, and event…when something happens, you see something, you hear something, you read something, or something happens to you…and you mark down the date and time and where you were. ¬†You will NEVER forget what you were doing and how that event impacted you. ¬†This past Sabbath Day (Saturday, August 11th – 2012) marked one of those occasions for those who attended the Remnant Fellowship’s morning Assembly. ¬†Whether you joined us in the Brentwood, Tennessee Sanctuary or via webcast from somewhere else in the world, you saw and heard a message – “God’s Grace with Wonderful Conditions” – that was profound, revelational, and CLEAR. ¬†In a world where there is so much confusion spoken about who God and Jesus Christ are, how one can find salvation, what “grace” truly means, and how to read and understand the Scriptures in CONTEXT, Gwen Shamblin painted a picture explaining those answers that was as straightforward, uncomplicated, and irrefutable as any of us have ever heard. ¬†And what accompanied those teachings was a mountain of Scripture…from both the Old and New Testaments…that undoubtedly backed up what was a glorious presentation of TRUTH! ¬†How did this message impact the Saints who heard it? ¬†These comments speak for themselves…

  • I praise God for what Gwen shared this weekend! ¬†That message is landmark and is the basis for the new life that I and my family have today. ¬†This is why I joined¬†Remnant Fellowship! ¬†Gwen was the first to teach me that “grace teaches us to say no to ungodliness. ¬†May we keep on sinning so that grace may abound? By no means!” ¬†Our family has learned here the conditions of this grace and the personal responsibility of a fully devoted life to God that accompanies this truth! ¬†Praise God that we have been taught at Remnant Fellowship how to live out our faith with righteous actions. I am encouraged from this weekend to go further and to remain fully devoted to God and His church! –¬†Jonathan
  • This foundational message¬†pulled the mask off of counterfeit religion.¬† This sermon not only exposed the Great Delusion of Grace that requires no response but it filled my heart with gratitude that I have been taught how to walk the Path that the masses are being taught to avoid. ¬†I am praising God for Truth! – Tedd
  • I am in awe of how God continues to use Gwen’s words to expose satan. ¬†I would have given all the money in the world to be told what God’s grace meant when I first sought after God. ¬†I would have been spared of so much confusion and hypocrisy. ¬†I love how she uses God’s Word to back up everything she says. ¬†I am very convicted to seek and search God’s Words for every word and belief I hold true to. ¬†As she said, “We will give an account of every word that comes from our mouth.” – Durville
  • Saturday’s powerful message was so clear and easy to understand, and I am grateful to have these words preserved so that our children and the generations to come can clearly explain and understand what the Bible teaches about salvation. ¬†Quoting Gwen ‚Äď “This¬†wonderful and powerful¬†grace¬†offered¬†was to change us, teach us to say no to all ungodliness, and give us a new life free of sin.” – Erin
  • My family has been set free from generations of curses and pain as a direct result of this message that defines the unfathomable grace of our glorious God and taught us the proper response to it! ¬†This message is what taught us that they go hand-in-hand – they must not be separated or it renders God’s beautiful grace powerless to do what it was sent to do ‚Äď to change us into children of the most High God!!! ‚Äď Kristine
  • Gwen’s message on Grace this past Sabbath Day was remarkable! ¬†Our family has more confidence in God’s Word now than ever before. ¬†The Bible clearly teaches that God does give us conditions with our salvation. ¬†As Gwen stated, ¬†“The true Church established by Jesus is different than the modern churches…you will know it by its abundant fruit, not by a little bit of scattered fruit.” ¬†And, “We do teach grace here. ¬†Grace teaches to say ‘no’ to sin. ¬†Once you understand this with Weigh Down and no longer say yes to food, the Holy Spirit shows that you can apply this to ALL areas of your life.” – Rebecca
  • I praise God¬†for this message Gwen delivered on this past Sabbath. ¬†It makes the whole Bible make sense! ¬†I heard a similar message at a Rebuilding the Wall tour date in 2001 and have been forever changed since that day…from finally understanding that God‚Äôs grace was given to forgive my past sins and to learn to say ‚Äúno‚ÄĚ to any behavior outside God‚Äôs boundaries. ¬†It’s amazing to be free to love God with my all! – Debbie

If you missed the Assembly and/or message, we are working on providing a copy of this landmark lesson in some format…coming soon.
¬†If eternal life is EVERYTHING…if it is our reason for LIVING…then isn’t it of the utmost importance to do EVERYTHING we can to fully understand HOW we are saved…and HOW this opportunity afforded by God teaches us to say NO to ungodliness and worldly passions? ¬†For those who are reading this and who are not members of this Church, you obviously are SEEKING and you want to find out more about a teaching and a group of people who have changed inside and outside. ¬†It is messages like THIS one that have put the joy and hope in our hearts…and the tools to teach our children…how to find God and have a wholehearted, loving, totally obedient relationship with Him. ¬†Please, if you have the opportunity at all, make these Sabbath Assemblies “appointment attending or viewing.” ¬†You will be given Truth, you will be encouraged and convicted, and you will praise God in song like never before! ¬†Praise God for the ability He has granted us to understand what this grace really means! ¬†And stay tuned for future announcements about when this message will be available again.


  1. NanLM says:

    AMEN, excellent message this past Sabbath and excellent article pointing us UP to God and His perfect ways.
    Thank You God for such Truth and for those who faithfully share it with the rest of us.

  2. God_is_so_alluring! says:

    Amen! Amen!!! AMEN!
    It justs FEELS so GOOD to know the true grace of God and to live it out by looking inward, repenting, and CHANGING. It feels so good to do it all God’s way instead of my old way! I praise God for the life and voice of Gwen Shamblin in this day and age!

  3. JeanK777 says:

    You know you’re hearing something very special when your heart is beating out of your chest, and it just resonates TRUTH!!! ¬†Incredibly GREAT GOOD FRUIT is coming out of this message from the HEAVENS. ¬†Thank you Gwen Shamblin!!! ¬†I cannot wait to hear the message this Saturday!!! ¬†AMEN!!

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