Remnant Fellowship Announcements and Events – August 22nd through 26th – The Days of Awe Begin

After a wonderful Covenant Wedding weekend, we at the Remnant Fellowship have even more opportunities to gather for worship and fellowship as we move through the fourth week of August 2012.

For tonight’s Assembly and Gathering (Wednesday, August 22nd), we will be back in the FELLOWSHIP HALL.

  • Everyone in Nashville still can begin gathering/enjoying fellowship/having dinner in the Fellowship Hall anytime in the 5:00pm and after range.  Tables and chairs are ALREADY set up for “Remnant Restaurant.”
  • As has been the case over the past few weeks, we again will have the CANTEEN set up…for anyone who would like to purchase food/beverages/snacks.  We will have hot dogs, chips, candy, and sodas available…while supplies last.
  • At about 6:00pm Central Time, we will start the webcast with “roaming shout-outs”…and so that is when the webcast will officially begin.  The mic will be available for about 15 minutes to film shout-outs in the Fellowship Hall.  Our ASSEMBLY will begin at 6:15pm Central Time.

For this weekend – the Sabbath Day (Saturday), August 25th – Our Sabbath Assembly and Webcast will return to its regularly scheduled 9:00am Central start time.  We pray that you’ll join us in our Sanctuary if you are in Nashville for the weekend…or via webcast from anywhere in the world!

As Gwen shared during the August 18th Wedding, the “Days of Awe” began at twilight on that evening.  For the next 40 days, we will be observing times and Assemblies full of solemn introspection.  We look forward to this time each year…as “looking in the mirror” into our own hearts is a huge key that leads to CHANGE…to become more Christ-like in everything.  The MESSAGES and MUSIC will reflect this contemplative mindset, and if the “Days of Awe” are new to you, GOD will reveal Himself and His will in so many powerful ways if you share in this time wholeheartedly.  During the “Days of Awe,” our weekend calendar of special events looks like this…with more SPECIFIC times and other details to be announced in the coming weeks:

  • September 15th (Sabbath) – The Remnant Covenant Wedding Ceremony of KURT GADKE and SHANNA MCHANEY – The time and other important details will be announced in the coming weeks.
  • September 22nd (Sabbath) – The “Day of Trumpets.”
  • September 29th (Sabbath) – The “Day of Atonement.”
  • October 4th through 7th (Thursday through Sunday) – The “Feast of Harvest.”

This is an incredible time period that we’ve just entered into.  For more information about the history behind the “Days of Awe” and why this Church honors these holy days, please visit or tune in…and find out!  You will be glad that you did, and you will see how GOD Almighty has PERFECTLY pieced together HIS calendar over the centuries.  It is both a joy and a humbling honor to observe our Lord’s holy days and times, and as always, we welcome VISITORS to join us for what will be memorable, convicting, and life-changing Assemblies and Gathering opportunities.

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  1. Praising God! This is one of my favorite times of His year! So grateful for all He is doing!

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