The Remnant Fellowship’s “You Can Overcome!” show – Season TWO is About to Begin!

It is a familiar testimony to most Weigh Down participants and Remnant Fellowship members; that is, we used to set our schedule around our favorite worldly TV shows, talk shows, dramas, soap operas, sporting events, news and politics shows, etc.  We used to feel like we couldn’t “get through the day” without checking out the latest thrill…WHATEVER it was…(fill in the blank with what it used to be for you).  However…it isn’t the “setting our schedule” part that was wrong.  We have learned HERE that it is WHAT we set our schedule around that determines whether or not we are connected to GOD and living Spirit-led lives.  And THAT brings us to the amazing Truths that we now have.  It is RIGHT to set our schedule around these seminars, classes, videos, audios, Assemblies, Webcasts, and other events that are changing our lives and pointing us UP to everything that really matters…the connection with GOD!

With that reminder in place, we all eagerly anticipate SEASON TWO of the “You Can Overcome” show, hosted by Gwen Shamblin and featured at – and for THIS season, we have MOVED to what we pray will be an even BETTER day for mid-week inspiration.  We will webcast live every WEDNESDAY, starting at 11:00am Central Time.  The season starts in September, and we greatly appreciate your prayers over all of it.  Was season one the type of programming that you should “set your schedule” around?  Check out some of the Facebook comments that are leading us into season two and see how POWERFUL the program is…and why you, too, should set your schedule to watch the show!

  • I’m so excited for the new season of “YCO”!!! Beautiful mid-week encouragement!!! – Rhonna
  • SO excited! This is the BEST TV ever! – Jill
  • Very excited to add this great encouragement into our school day!!! – Monica (homeschooling mom)
  • I’ve already blocked time on my monthly planner at work so I can attend…”You Can Overcome” this fall on Wednesdays!!! This is simply THE MOST ENCOURAGING Internet TV Show!!! – Jean
  • It is such a blessing to get to even watch the replays! I keep going back to week 2 and week 3 …. fabulous! – Joey
  • Oh! I have missed it so much!!! – Kristine
  • My favorite show ever!!!!!!!!!! Love to watch the episodes over and over and over!!!!!!!! So much to learn and to help me to keep my focus UP!!! – Alexandra
  • So looking forward to season 2. This is so motivating thank you for doing another season! – Susan
  • I am so thrilled to see that a Season Two is on its way to my heart. I can almost lip sync the Season One episodes, I’ve watched them so much. Excited and Thankful. – Janette
  • I am so looking forward to this starting again. I pick up so many tips and thoughts that really point me right back to God. Thank you Gwen and all the crew that put this together. We are so blessed by this Ministry!!! So very, very thankful!! – Cathy
  • I cannot wait – super charged to give everything to God and keep my focus up. – Carolyn

As you can see, the excitement is building!  Don’t miss out on a single minute of encouragement in the middle of the week.  Getting a boost from Gwen’s Spirit-led words and the uplifting testimonies that fill the show can help make the difference between passing versus failing your tests in the midst of a tough day or week.  Why not give yourself EVERY chance to OVERCOME?!?!  Gwen and all of us in this Church and Ministry look forward to another season of Truth, love for GOD, and encouragement for everyone.  Check out the preview video for season two below…and remember what Gwen says at the end of every show – “You TOO Can Overcome!”

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  1. Gkaunisto says:

    Beautiful article!  I personally can testify too, that watching You Can OverCome encourages and strengthens you with every episode!!  Sooo excited!!

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