Divine Dining in the Remnant Fellowship – The Connection Cafe – Thursday, January 24th

“The crew at the CONNECTION CAFÉ is eager to serve you and make your next special occasion the most fun and memorable ever.  Also, if you haven’t experienced this new fave lunch eatery, you are missing out!  Ongoing café lunch hours each week are Monday through Thursday – open from 11:00am until 1:00pm.  This is officially THE spot for delish food, excellent service, lively atmosphere, and of course, wonderful fellowship.” – From our www.remnantfellowshipministries.com website

Remnant Fellowship - Connection CafeAnd the beat goes on from there!  Not only is the Connection Café the fun spot for lunch, but it hosts the most memorable and beautiful DINNER parties anywhere.  Such an event was on display last Thursday evening, January 24th.  A “full house” of Saints gathered for a Dinner celebration, featuring delightful ITALIAN dishes, and the service and ambience matched the lively fun and fellowship that filled the evening.  We had a chance to visit with one of the evening’s attendees – our dear sister in Christ, Patty Mullins.  Here are a few comments from Patty about this special experience…

Remnant News (RN) – Patty, first and foremost, talk about the look…the feel…the ambience of the Café as you arrived.

Patty Mullins (PM) – There was an amazing, soft glow of light through the windows of the Café.  It was so beautiful and soft and sweet.  I had never been there before, and so I was blown away at just how lovely everything was.  Laura Homonnay greeted me at the door and then thoughtfully escorted me inside to a room already full of fellowship and joy.

RN – What was the dress and atmosphere like?

PM – It was neat!  Everyone was dressed very cute.  It was a special feeling and very sweet.

RN – With ITALIAN cuisine on the menu, we would imagine that the Heavenly aromas were evident even as you approached the Café from the outside.

Patricia Mullins Remnant Fellowship

PM – Oh yes!  Everything was great!  I don’t eat out a lot, and so I was impressed with how fancy and classy everything was…especially given how reasonably priced the evening was.  From the Fettuccini Alfredo to the Garlic Bread and then the Italian Crème Cake (with Chocolate Fudge!) for dessert, it was amazing.  And honestly, the food was ONLY outdone by the wonderful fellowship of the Saints.  It was a PERFECT combination.

– How did the evening play out for you?

PM – Oh, I wish I could have stayed longer, but I had to leave a little early…and the TO-GO service was outstanding!  The Staff packed up my dinner…and they even had the garnish details down to a “T.”  It was beautiful to even LOOK at.  And when it was time for me to finish the dinner at home, it tasted fabulous!

RN – SO…overall…how would you rate the evening?

PM – A perfect evening!  I definitely will be back.  What I loved as much as anything about the evening was that there was no need to feel guilty about lingering in the Café for more fellowship!  Because the Café has been set up for extended fellowship…which is MORE than just the dining experience…Saints can enjoy visiting with each other for an extended period of time.  I love it!

Remnant Fellowship - Connection Cafe EveningIf you haven’t yet checked out the CONNECTION CAFÉ for lunch or for one of these special Dinner events, you are missing out on all that Patty shared and much more!  We praise GOD for this Ministry…and the dining and fellowship opportunities that come with it.  From Heavenly fellowship and Godly music to beautiful sights and Divine dining, the Connection Café was…and is…a “can’t miss” experience!







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