“How to be Truly Happy” – A “You Can Overcome” Show Remnant Fellowship Classic


Remnant Fellowship TV Presents You Can Overcome“One of the number one things people comment on with our body of believers is that we are the happiest people they know.  At the same time, we know the world is becoming increasing troubled – and depressed  … people are feeling bad inside and do not know how to get out of it.  We definitely want to be around happy people because happiness is contagious, just as bitterness and bad moods and depression are contagious.  Unhappy people can bring you down.  As Christians we are to be happy – and you will be if you have the Spirit of God in you.”

Those are words from Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down founder Gwen Shamblin – from our Wednesday, March 6thYou Can Overcome” Show


You Can Overcome - Remnant Fellowship TV - March 2013HAPPINESS – As Gwen proceeded to share during last evening’s powerful show, people all around the world are willing to pay untold sums of money for what they believe to be any keys to happiness that they can find.  But without GOD, those pursuits are fruitless.  SO…ENTER last night’s show.  If you missed “You Can Overcome” last night, you missed out on one of the most joyful, beautiful, instructional, and life-changing shows we’ve ever had!  Gwen led co-host Tedd Anger…along with guests Frank D’Amato and Jonathan Walters…on a journey.  They remembered past pursuits in life and how empty they were.  And they shared the limitless JOY and HAPPINESS and PEACE that each of them has now…INSIDE of GOD’S boundaries and His wishes and His guidance.  If you’ve found yourself seeking and searching for the “missing link” in your life…the keys to life-long purpose and peace and joy, THIS SHOW will help put you on the right path to finding it!

Look around you – People are stuck in marriage woes, financial problems, job worries, family issues, depression, pain, addictions, and so much more.  Even the modern-day churches that occupy many of America’s street corners don’t offer hope in this life.  They don’t help with the pain and numbness you may be feeling.  HOWEVER, the relationship with GOD that Gwen describes and these men testify about CAN be had…by YOU!  It IS available to ANYONE…IF you run after GOD and love and obey Him wholeheartedly.  And you’ll need to surround yourself with other people who can encourage you and help you along the way.  ALL of this is here, and it is REAL.  Take this opportunity and watch the show from Wednesday, March 6th.  It is embedded right here below this article.  You Can Overcome - Remnant Fellowship TV - March 2013Listen to Gwen and these Godly men and make a DECISION to embrace your opportunity to live with the same HAPPINESS they describe.  Even if you THINK you’ve been running after GOD, you still haven’t put your finger on why you’re unsettled.  There are answers.  And the answers exist here and now, in this lifetime, and can be understood by you.  You just need someone who has FOUND those answers to help guide you down that path.  “How To Be Truly Happy” is a “You Can Overcome” episode that you don’t want to miss.  Enjoy it, and please feel free to contact us for more information about how YOU can get plugged into even MORE Truth and testimonies…and a life of your own FULL of blessings and joy!

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