PENTECOST – A Remnant Fellowship Celebration of GOD’S Covenant

Remnant Fellowship Pentecost WorshipPENTECOST is a time of observation and celebration that is near and dear to the hearts of Remnant Fellowship members around the world.  The message and theme of this annual event takes us back in history…to the time of GOD’S Ten Commandments given to Moses, then forward in time to the founding of the early Church following Jesus’ ascension into Heaven, then forward AGAIN to the restoration of GOD’S Remnant in this day and time.  We honor the precious Covenant relationship that GOD has extended to those who will love Him and obey His commandments.  We delight at our opportunity to DEDICATE our babies to GOD.  We marvel at how GOD is guiding us in the rearing of our children as they grow…recognizing them at their ages of accountability (around age 13).  We give GOD praise for our graduates, marking yet another milestone in the lives of our dedicated Youth.  This is a time to rejoice in PURITY!  As the Saints gather in a few weeks…on May 18th for our Pentecost Sabbath Assembly…we will dress in white and other light colors.  This beautiful, symbolic gesture is a declaration that we are and will be PURE before GOD…totally and wholeheartedly dedicated and devoted to HIM and to being the HOLY Priesthood that He has called us to be!  Our Church founder, Gwen Shamblin, has shared MANY words, teachings, and deep insights regarding this occasion in years past.  Here are a few of those words…

“This is a day ordained by God for rejoicing.  We are 50 days past the crucifixion and the Passover and the incredible Exodus of two million of God’s people by the light of the full moon.  God then takes the children of God to the foothills of Mt. Sinai, also known as Mt. Horeb to the Egyptians, and Moses climbs this Mountain—the tallest in the area—to be in the presence of God, to receive the laws of God.  The finger of God carved the stone tablets as the words to the Covenant—a binding agreement between Israel and God.  Also on this day, God poured out His Spirit on the righteous men and launched the church – and 3,000 were baptized on that day.”

As you can see, this special time is CONNECTED throughout the history of GOD’S people.  This is one of those “lasting ordinances” that GOD intended for His people to CONTINUE.  It should never have stopped in church history, but by the mercy of GOD and the clear words and teachings He has given to Gwen to share with this Church and with the world, we have the opportunity to be a part of this day’s reinstatement.  Who are we to enjoy such an honor and blessing?  What a humbling privilege this is!  And how important is the concept of a holy COVENANT with the GOD of the Universe?  What should OUR response be?  Let’s take a deeper look into more words shared by Gwen…

Remnant Fellowship Pentecost - Gwen Shamblin“…A covenant is made of two parties and words of agreement that are binding.  It takes all.  If any one aspect of the covenant fails—the entire covenant is void.  From Old Testament writings to New, the writers proclaim that the part of the Covenant that made the first one void and null was that the people broke faith; so the fault was not with God, that party, who remained faithful, nor the terms, the paper, the written words, but rather it was the fault of the second party, the people—the acceptance of the terms, the response of the people; and that is why the New Covenant discussed only gave new instructions concerning the part that was broken or at fault—and that was the response of the second party.

The New Covenant with the same God with the same proposal and Ten Commandments but with a new people who had a completely faithful response—a new people who would be connected to God—so full of His Spirit that the law would be in their minds and written in their hearts.  They would have no other God but God, and they would be God’s people… a new Holy Priesthood, men and women from all walks of life, all races, even Gentiles, but a people whose heart was different, with an undivided, faithful heart—not half-hearted people…only wholehearted.”

So…our response is to live RIGHTEOUSLY and WHOLEHEARTEDLY for GOD!  There is nothing false or fake in that!  And since we use this time to remember our own personal commitments and our COVENANTS with GOD, it makes perfect sense to lift up our children, teenagers, and young adults as they reach milestones of dedication in their lives…passages of time that we as parents give GOD all of the glory for.  And on a deeper level, what is GOD asking us for?  What does is mean to be FULLY devoted, committed, and dedicated?  Look at this beautiful explanation from Gwen…

“To receive the Covenant, both had the same requirements of repentance, consecration, purity, righteousness, and cleaning up on the inside and out.  Moses had said, ‘Repent and be clean,’ before you got this Covenant.  And John the Baptist would cry out in the New Testament, ‘Repent! Be baptized… The Kingdom of God is near.’  Get it all out.  Get it all gone.  Wash it clean.  Empty the cup.  Get it out.  Repent and then be baptized with His Spirit.  That is what a baptism is; it is a baptism of God’s will, God’s desires, and interest in God.  It is a baptism; you are surrounded with it in your ears and your eyes and your whole head.  You go all the way under in the New Covenant ushered in by Jesus.  The Apostle Paul would tell the people that God gave His Holy Spirit to those who obey.  This coming in of the Covenant Holy Spirit would be for the pure in heart who would fully give their love.  No more divorce or departures from the Temple; no more the glory departing; no more broken hearts for God.  Mark chapter 2, verse 2 is saying: ‘And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, he pours new wine into new wineskins.’ …Meaning you do not put this new wholehearted Covenant, this wine of the Spirit, this new Covenant offered, into a half-hearted, divided, too-many-lovers heart, because those hearts are stone cold—they have no elasticity—the wine skin will burst.  There is too much in there—other lovers and trying to put God in there at the same time—it will all burst.  The wine will be poured out, of course.  The Spirit of God will leave.  No, this new wine is for new hearts.”

These Truths are precious, and the meaning of this special day is CLEAR to those who WANT to give their whole hearts to GOD.  If the celebration and observation of Pentecost is NEW to you and your family, then by all means, don’t miss out on the Remnant Fellowship 2013 Pentecost Assembly!  You’ll hear an awesome message from Gwen and you’ll see for yourself how seriously AND joyously that this Church approaches this Holy Day.  As the Springtime continues, new life continues to abound throughout GOD’S amazing creation.  May our hearts and minds be even more beautiful in our pure commitments to Him.  We hope that all those who are running after GOD wholeheartedly will join on this special day.  Praise GOD for the Remnant Fellowship Pentecost!

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