Remnant Fellowship Men’s Class – Brothers in the Lord, Growing in Humility

The Origin of Good and EvilIf you were to stop by the Remnant Fellowship Church Sanctuary on a Monday evening, you would see what is, in this country, an unusual sight.  You see, pride, selfishness, greed, anger, and hopelessness are on the RISE amongst the men in these United States.  Men are into sports and lust and money.  Sure, GOD is given a little bit of “lip service” on Sunday mornings in some scattered church buildings, but many of the men there are checking their smartphones and watches…counting the minutes until the preacher says “Amen” on the closing prayer.  Then it’s a race out the door, through the parking lot, and to the restaurant or bar with the best lunch menu and/or setup to watch “the big game.”  But that is NOT the case here in the Remnant Fellowship.  These Godly men are EAGER to gather anytime there’s an opportunity for fellowship and learning…prayer and worship.  In fact, more than 100 men gather each Monday evening to learn Godly Truths and teachings from one of Gwen Shamblin’s GOD-inspired videos.  Making this choice each week gives these men a strong foundation of Godly instruction, testimonies, inspiration, and encouragement…to tackle the week’s needs and challenges and opportunities.  Think about it…Which activity gives a man the mindset to be humble and under authority at his job…loving and caring for his wife and children?  Would it be three-plus hours of Monday Night Football (and no one better DARE interrupt that!)?  Or would it be a “History of the ONE TRUE GOD” video…followed by a time of testimony and prayer?  This isn’t any indictment or judgment of sports.  They are fun when enjoyed in their context and in moderation…as opposed to a man’s number one priority and source of enjoyment.  The larger POINT is that an investment of time in instruction and learning and fellowship around the Kingdom of GOD and His desires and purpose is a MUCH wiser and better investment!  And these men understand that.  In fact, they can’t stop talking about it!  Here are just a FEW comments from men who are participating in this spiritually rich, fulfilling class each week…

[box]“My heart and mind could not be more grateful to God for teaching me how to be a Godly man from a Godly woman.  I just love God’s sense of humor!  Before this message a “woman” could teach nothing about God and His ways, but through repentance, he has chosen Gwen Shamblin (who happens to be a woman) to teach me all things about Him and His ways!  I am forever in debt to God for His mercy.” – Durville[/box][box]“For me the Monday men’s class is a breath of fresh air and a haven wrapped into one…For me it begins with a men’s night/Weigh Down class two years ago.  All I can say is…God quickly showed me I was lazy still in a few areas and needed to step it up.  Well the small group (at that time) is now a large group of strong, loving, caring, wise men from every profession and background imaginable…Men doing classes, studying, testifying, talking and learning about God.  It is iron sharpening iron.  I have changed.  We as a family have changed.  I lead more, we as a family pray more, we read the Bible more, we’ve laid more things down.  I’ve lost more weight and my job is more blessed.  My boys and I are the closest we’ve ever been and together we are all passing more tests.  What a life!  So what’s all this joy and excitement have to do with a men’s class?  Join us Monday night and find out…I am praising God for this Truth, this Leadership and the wisdom that shows us the way.” – Dan[/box][box]“I love the Godly fellowship with the men who are participating in the class.  It’s an incredible joy to sit down with dozens of men who are seeking the same goal of total obedience.  Gwen’s words are a refreshing injection of Truth when we are surrounded by lies every day.” – Patrick[/box][box]“Going to men’s class has been absolutely amazing!  I am learning so much about how to be a better soldier for God, a better husband, and a better father.  I am personally praying more, I am praying more with my wife and son, and we also are reading the Word more at home with the family.  We are having family devotionals way more than we used to…and myself as well…as my household is altogether more focused up.  I plan on continuing to attend as the fruit had been WONDERFUL!!!” – Michael[/box][box]“It is truly an honor every Monday evening to join 100+ men seeking and obeying the will of God and who want to deepen their relationship with God.  The class material produced by Gwen Shamblin and Weigh Down Ministries has convicted me to a greater focus on God and has truly and positively impacted my marriage, my parenting, job performance – literally every area of my life.  I am so grateful for these lessons and the encouragement of Godly men at the Remnant Fellowship Church.” – Tedd[/box]

That’s just a small sampling of the PRAISES that these Godly men are sharing each week and with each other throughout the week.  Right NOW, the men are going through Gwen’s History of the ONE TRUE GOD Series, and it is opening eyes and hearts in so many beautiful ways.  HUMILITY is being produced in these men, and it gives them and their families HOPE for now and for the future.  Praise GOD for this teaching and for the gathering of Saints who VOLUNTARILY WANT to do GOD’S will…and who gather often to praise Him for their changed lives!

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