Weigh Down Facebook Group – Praises to GOD – Mid-May 2013

Weigh Down on FacebookIf you haven’t joined in on the FUN that is our Weigh Down Ministries Facebook Group Page, you’re missing out on more encouragement, testimonies, and awesome discussion about our classes than you could possibly keep up with!  That’s how FULL the Page and our Chat times have been.  It is always worth repeating the fact that Facebook can be and is a powerful tool when used for the Kingdom of GOD and sharing His Truth with those who want it.  With our Group now numbering more than 5,000 and growing daily, jumping onto the Page to connect with people all around the world is an ideal way to spend ANY amount of time that GOD gives to you.  You never know when GOD will use someone’s testimony to move YOU and pick you up at just the right time!  Here are just a few testimonies that were shared on the Page in recent days…

“I just love the blessings that come from obedience…my boss has been so appreciative of my work since I started obeying with hunger and fullness (and let me tell you, she is VERY particular!)…and I have so much more energy since I stopped focusing on myself.  Praise God for showing me the TRUTH.” – Samantha

“Having an accountability partner is what really started working for me!  As Gwen said in one of the first classes I ever took years ago, ‘When you fail, push the restart button immediately.’  Just got my accountability partner a week ago and it has made a difference!  Down 4 pounds.  Praise God, and we can do this!  It’s putting action with words!” – Mary Ann

Weigh Down Ministries and Facebook“What a beautiful Pentecost weekend!  Praising God for the chance to have fellowship with the Saints!  Miss everyone already and can’t wait to come back this summer!  Love you all!” – Tracy

“Down 41 pounds in 4 months!” – Lisa

Praise GOD for the Weigh Down Ministries Facebook Group Page!  If you haven’t joined us, log into your own Facebook account and search for Weigh Down Ministries.  When you see the “Closed Group,” select that choice and look for the Join Group button.  And we’ll get back to you soon from there!

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