Brand New – The “Zion Youth” App – A Great Tool to Help Young People Stay Focused!

Zion Youth App IconBy now – here in July of 2013 – nearly everyone knows what an “APP” is…as it relates to mobile technology…cell phones, tablet computers, and a huge variety of portable media devices.  These software applications can feature anything from games and productivity tools to information-gathering services for news, weather, and sports…and SO much more!  Here at the Remnant Fellowship and in Weigh Down Ministries, Gwen and the Staff are constantly looking for ways to REACH people of all ages with the Truth.  We have multiple websites, seminars, music projects, lessons, and many more resources that help us connect with the world.  And NOW, several months after the successful launch of our “Weigh Down” App, we are introducing the “Zion Youth” App!  Here’s a description from the App Store…

Zion Youth AppProduced by Weigh Down for ages 8-18, Zion Youth encourages a deeper relationship with God through scriptures, manners tips, prayer journal, goals, notes, relationship with parents chart & more!

In a day and time when parents are constantly competing for their child’s attention, and in a sea of apps that provide fun but often purposeless games, the Zion Youth app stands alone – filled with fun, helpful, rewarding exercises that help your child connect to a relationship with God. Produced by Weigh Down for ages 8-18, the changes will be evident in your child immediately as they start putting the scriptures, manner tips, spiritual goals, and prayer charts into practice. The Zion Youth Series which includes an instructional video, workbook, and companion app, released by Weigh Down Ministries, is a total package meant to help you point your children to a relationship with God through daily, practical tips, scriptures, answered prayers and more. This app follows the Zion Youth Workbook and allows children and teens to look up scriptures from the book, read manners tips that will help build a better relationship with others, and get a quick encouragement through the verse of the day. This app also has features to help youth track their relationship with God and their relationship with their parents. The prayer chart enables young people to note what they prayed for, when they prayed, and then how God answered that prayer. This will build their faith as they see how God comes back in and blesses their focus on Him! The relationship with parents chart will help youth better communicate with their parents, ask for their advice, and look for ways to make them smile. Additional features include the ability to take notes at church or home and keep them together with this encouragement package. This app also allows youth to set and track spiritual goals.

Zion Youth was written and produced by Gwen Shamblin, founder of Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship Churches. Gwen has dedicated her life to uncovering and passing down the secrets and power of a relationship with God to others – with a particular emphasis on the next generation. As the parents find how to put Godly principles into practice in the home, they are able to teach their children with the help of these resources. To find out more about this series or other resources, visit Click here to purchase the accompanying video and workbook:

Zion YouthThe App Stores for all of the various device and software manufacturing companies feature thousands of opportunities for you to WASTE time.  The phrase “There’s an App for that…” is becoming more and more true every day.  It is SO much more worthwhile and beneficial to give your time and attention to an App that gives your kids the TRUTH…in a fun, interactive way!  There will always be TOO MANY ways for our kids to be “distracted.”  Give them a FOCUS on GOD that will pay Spiritual dividends for a lifetime.  The “Zion Youth” App is a wonderful tool that will help your kids keep their eyes and their focus UPWARD.  Praise GOD that “there is an App” for that!

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