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rp_WDandFacebook_Thumb-300x300.jpgThis is going to be a FULL article! Our WeighDown Ministries FACEBOOK Group Page has more than 7,000 members now…and it is STILL growing. When people are being moved to CHANGE both spiritually and physically by this powerful message that GOD has given to Gwen Shamblin, they want to TALK about it. They want to SHARE this Good News. And by the mercy of GOD, we are living in a time in history when “social media” and technology in general has, literally, made it possible to connect with people INSTANTLY. Only GOD could create that kind of power and ability…and we clearly can see that He has done this so that the Truth can be shared and people can be encouraged, convicted, and changed by accessing this information with the touch of a button. GOD is amazing! If we were to gather feedback from a LARGE number of those who are using the WeighDown Facebook Page regularly, we could fill up hundreds upon hundreds of pages of testimony as to why this outreach effort is a blessing…but for time’s sake, we contacted just a few of the Saints who are reaching out often – and we asked them:

  • What do you love the most about the Facebook Page and why do you love being as active as you are with this resource?
  • Why should people who are NOT very active on the Page consider checking it out more often?
  • Is there anything else you would like to share with others regarding one or more ways that your involvement on the Page has BLESSED you and/or your family?

The responses came into our offices IMMEDIATELY! These Saints cannot wait to find others out there who WANT a relationship with GOD and are SEEKING other people who want that same pure and wholehearted devotion. The results are incredible, and we wanted to share some of their responses with the world. Keep reading…and then TAP INTO this amazing resource that GOD has provided!

Where do I start?? As with any encouragement I “think” I am giving, God hands me back double-fold. Facebook is NO different. I LOVE getting on the Weigh Down Facebook page first thing in the morning to read what God is showing everyone, from Scriptures, quotes from workbooks, before and after pictures, weight loss, and God stories. It’s like being at a fellowship gathering, but I am at home… I get to get on anytime of the day and it’s the same!!! People who are not on the page are missing out on fellowship!! True fellowship!! The funnest thing for me to do is share some of these God stories with my family. We get encouraged and laugh at the funniest ways of escape and Praise God for these seekers and Saints who post up freely what God is showing them!! I feel led to share too that the Facebook page “saved the day” last Friday for our Breakthrough class. We were suppose to meet in the chatroom at the Weigh Down Building, but no one could get in… Jenni Mendl felt led to post on the WhatsApp group that we would meet on Facebook… It was beautiful to see everyone just jump on the page and share about their week… People NOT in the class were encouraged reading the chat. Everyone was SO GRATEFUL that we were able to get together!!! It was so sweet!! – Heather S.

Thank you for an opportunity to ponder what Weigh Down Ministries’ Facebook means right now to us here at Weigh Down and to the whole body of believers at Remnant Church.  After grasping the vision that Gwen Shamblin and Michael Shamblin had that Facebook is an open door for us to stand at the microphone and share what God teaches through Gwen about weight loss, pain in the heart and permanent solutions and after learning how they wanted us to reach out to these seekers, I am loving seeing the results of that harvest.  So many have not heard that there is a Remnant Church of Love available and are in a search mode for reliable answers.  I love the captive audience.  I love the fact that people are forced by the format of Facebook to spell out their concerns or needs.  I have begun to regard a Weigh Down Ministries Facebook post as just like a person dialing Weigh Down’s 1-800-844-5208 toll free phone number.  Many are choosing to use the Weigh Down Ministries Facebook page as a substitute for contacting the WD office directly.  People find it an easy way to get answers and the answers usually get posted quickly.  What we have on the Weigh Down Ministries Facebook page is almost like Weigh Down Ministries drive-thru window… I know we all want a more permanent relationship with these seekers, but perhaps soon they will come and “dine in” so to speak.  I do feel we need more Saints posting and showing these seekers that the page is more than just a question and answer depot or marketplace but also we are a family and a Church that God has set up to be a permanent fixture in the lives of those who love God and love Truth.  For those who are praying over getting on this page and helping seekers with their questions, I would say that right after the learning curve of how to post and paste in links is taken care of… anyone can hop on Weigh Down’s Facebook page and be that Good Samaritan or that hand of love that God wants to extend.  May God be praised for all that He is allowing with this technology.  One such praise came about when this past Friday, the WeighDown website was down.  I was set to host a 5:00am class on Weigh Down’s website.  Because we could not host that class at weighdown.com, we all migrated over to Weigh Down’s Facebook closed page and had a one hour chat there instead of where we thought we would be meeting.  One class participant remarked,  “I am even more charged up now as a result of seeing that warfare and not allowing it to deter us!!”  I felt blessed that day that God had provided an alternate way of getting His lambs encouraged, instructed and focused for the rest of the day.  May God be praised that He has one more way for us to reach out and defend Him, present the accurate picture of His love and how fun and right it is to live and love His boundaries. – Jenni M.

The Weigh Down Ministries Facebook page, like all the classes, materials, books, etc. that this Ministry has produced have always done, is a place where every post on there points me to God and His will!  It is so exciting to have a forum where God is the FOCUS and every post or resource is promoting His Kingdom on Earth!!  To have a place where I can share what I am learning, what I am putting into practice, the resources I am using and how it is changing my life is AMAZING! This page provides fellowship daily and gives each person the opportunity to hear about how God is moving in other people’s lives through what is being taught–how encouraging and exciting is that?!!  It displays God’s power!!  There are many posts daily that point to resources specifically, so everyone is helped and all are invited to use every opportunity…You Can Overcome shows, Sabbath assemblies, classes, events, etc. One of the ways I have been blessed by participating on the Weigh Down Ministries Facebook page is to be able to get out of myself and encourage someone else–this blesses me so much and keeps me reminded of the Truth taught here and it convicts me too.  I LOVE doing the classes together with others and the chats are electric!  The testimonies shared keep me wanting to go further in my own relationship with God and to do even more to make sure my heart is pure and more of His will is done each day through my own life!  Who would not want to please God more and see even more blessings and answered prayers–it is contagious!  Another blessing is to be able to meet others wanting the same thing–I have made so many friends that I hope to know forever, praise God! – Debbie B.

Gwen has taught us well that everything is intended to bring glory to God.  Seeing this applied to social media allows an incredible Oasis from the typical self-absorbed and ungodly information that dominates Facebook.  When people come to the page, they quickly see how different the page is.  Many come to find out how to lose weight but quickly realize this page is dedicated to teaching people how to fall out of love with the world and IN LOVE with God, His Son Jesus Christ, and finding His will and obeying it.  When you see people set free from what they are learning from the Weigh Down materials and the sermons that God is pouring out through Gwen there is nothing greater than to encourage anyone who wants this relationship with God. For those who are rarely on the page I would encourage you to jump on often for two reasons.  One, you will be encouraged with a page full of convicting and encouraging Truth and testimonies!  It is incredible what God is doing in this group!  Also, you will be given the opportunity to encourage those who need it by pointing them to this life-changing Truth and how it has convicted and changed you.  The page has helped me and my family stay focused on God’s Kingdom and what He is doing.  It is a beautiful teaching tool to pass down how Gwen has taught us to use social media to help point people to the Truth and to build up His Church.  It is an honor to be involved with what God is doing on Facebook and to see how powerfully He is working through this! – Tedd A.

I can’t think of a thing that I don’t love about the Facebook page – it is filled with encouragement from the most God-led people and staff on the face of the Earth – The Weigh Down Staff. I hop on there all times of the day to see what God is showing everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have been in Weigh Down two weeks or two decades – seeing how God is moving in a heart and a mind of a person is so convicting and moving and helps me see my own heart better and helps me grow my relationship with God.  If you have been one of those people who has not been very active and have also felt like you are unable to overcome some areas because you are not right in Nashville – or near a big group – let me tell you, the two go hand in hand. I have been with Weigh Down for over 13 years now and I have never lived in Tennessee nor have I lived around many people who are in Weigh Down – I have always felt connected because I would be on the phone with and e-mailing people and texting those who want to obey God with their ALL – but now I feel more connected than ever. This page has built a bridge that makes me feel like I am in the middle of a great group of people every time I go on it. When I just log into the Weigh Down Facebook page I am immediately surrounded by people who want to be like Christ and are helping each other do it. I am surrounded by love – the love of God that teaches us how to please Him – the love of the leaders who teach the moderators the love of the moderators to the participants and the love of participants to one another. That is a Kingdom of Love and Holiness that I feel completely connected to every time I sign on!!!  Being part of this page has been a blessing to my family as well. God first of all always gives back in spades any time you give to Him – it’s a given. But what He has done with this page in my heart has also helped me be a better wife and mother. When I go to help my child with a test that he or she may be facing I can go back and remember how one of the leaders helped a Facebook person who had a question and I can emulate that in my home. I pay attention to the words that Gwen and her family and the Facebook team uses and I try to copy them and be a helper to my children on this path and it has borne fruit in our home. The fruit of more peace and order and a gentler spirit in my heart!  I am honored to be a part of this Kingdom and Ministry! – Kristine P.

In a testimony Candace Anger shared recently, she mentioned a quote from Gwen saying that God gave us technology to keep us connected to Him and connected to one another. I cannot think of a better way to use His creation of Facebook than by getting onto the Weigh Down Facebook page!! My absolute favorite time to get on is during the Monday night class chat sessions. I get so encouraged in just one hour listening to testimony after testimony of changed lives from people who are putting Gwen’s words into practice for the first time ever. It is a joy to get to know others whose lives are radically being transformed and then to watch the transformations over time on the page. Recently, I was listening to or reading one of the many resources we have been blessed with, and Gwen summarized Jesus: “If you love me then feed my sheep.” The amazing thing is that as I have gotten on the page to encourage seekers, I have found myself being the one who was fed and encouraged! I would encourage everyone to get on the Weigh Down Facebook page and just start reading! You will find encouragement, tips to pass temptations, help in testing times, joy from celebrating with others and seeing all God is doing around the world!! And if all of that wasn’t enough, the best thing about the page are Gwen’s posts that keep us all connected and on the same path! – Shae D.

I LOVE the Weigh Down Facebook page!!! It is a bulletin board used to post announcements to the whole world that say, “God is REAL – just look what He’s doing in our lives!!!” It’s a place where everyone who wants to find God’s will and DO IT, wants to be.  I can jump on at any time of the day or night and be immediately encouraged to make the right choice! It keeps me walking the walk and running the race!  I LOVE encouraging others and being encouraged!! And…it’s a live meeting room!  We hold real-time “chats” with as many as want to jump on the same thread at the same time. Everyone gets their questions answered and shares what they are learning from these anointed Weigh Down classes and the Remnant Church assemblies that are setting people free from obesity, smoking, anger, pride, lust, medication, drugs, depression… you just NAME it–we are getting RID of it! Instead, we are getting to KNOW and BE KNOWN by THE God of ALL and He is answering our prayers and filling our hearts with joy! I visit the Facebook page often to reach out to people around the world who are all running after the same amazing God as I am! We are NEVER alone–regardless of where we physically live—we can get together any time! Isn’t that FABULOUS?! If you have been saying you want fellowship but are not participating in the Facebook page, what are you waiting for? Hurry–sign up–and plug IN!! The page is FULL of Truth—that by the way—is very hard to come by!  It is THE PLACE to hear first-hand what is happening at all times in God’s Kingdom of Love, where as Gwen has said… the FRUIT of applying God’s Word is falling off the trees! Gwen herself posts convicting, encouraging and life-changing wisdom, and so does her daughter, Elizabeth, who shares her own beautiful relationship with God from her heart! And speaking of Gwen’s son, Michael… if you want to be encouraged through music that transcends this world and literally links you to Heaven, the Facebook page is the place where you will hear about all of Michael’s latest videos and songs that make your heart simply BEAT for our King! We all share which resources are encouraging us and how 24/7 we are finding THE MOST personal and living God of the Universe! “God” stories abound–the Facebook page is the BEST.READ.EVER!!! Testimony after testimony PROVES that ALL who APPLY what we are taught through Weigh Down CHANGE for the BETTER in every way. A picture is worth a THOUSAND words – so check out the pictures!!! SEE the CHANGES for yourself, and the incredible youth—from babies to young adults—all with faces that reflect the Spirit of God IN them–You will be PUMPED UP and will want this for yourself, your children, and your children’s children! And one last thing…How else will you hear about the Remnant Church assemblies that you are invited to–both Wednesdays and Saturdays–God’s Festivals, the weddings, rallies, and You Can Overcome shows, and all of the testimonies from individuals, families, and entire cities who are CHANGING daily! You are INVITED to meet and “hang out” with us on the Facebook page and SEE FOR YOURSELF what the buzz is all about! If I am not able to get on for a while, I feel like I am MISSING OUT on EVERYTHING. If you don’t frequent the page—frequently–you are MISSING OUT too!!!  We love you and can’t wait to “fellowship” with you on our Facebook page! – Lisa R.

What I love the most about this Facebook page is that there are definitive answers to every walk of life—black, white, rich, poor, city, country, young, or old, new member, or longtime member. God has poured out a tremendous amount of Love and Wisdom (through Gwen) to all of us if we truly want to learn how to please Him in all things because ALL of her teaching upholds the Word of God above man’s words. I also love the conviction, reminders, and the healing others are experiencing as a result, and that is why I enjoy being active on the Facebook page. I believe God uses the social media in my life to keep me out of self, focused on getting His message out, and it keeps me humble…knowing where I have come from and how much further I have to go. I would encourage those who are not as active to consider being more active. I know that this one way that I have learned how to give back. God has allowed many of us to change through this Ministry and we have a beautiful opportunity to point others back to the resources and words that have changed our lives. I remember in one of Gwen’s older talks…she speaks about when you borrow money from the bank…one doesn’t have to have cheerleaders to help them pay back the loan…they know what bank, the amount, and the duration of the loan as part of their contractual agreement…well, that is how I am led to uphold this Ministry and would encourage you to as well. We have been given an inheritance that NO bank can quantify! This Truth through Gwen…and I am sure that many of us give back in so many ways (which is awesome and appreciated); however, our being active on the Weigh Down Facebook page (giving back) can reach so many hurting lambs quicker and can spark a revolution overnight if God would allow that. That is exciting to me! The hope that Weigh Down/Remnant Fellowship could have three million likes/comments overnight can truly change the world for the better. One thing that truly cheers my heart is to see broken men and women find healing. Our Facebook page provides healing like no other. I work in the medical field and I can honestly say that not many people walk away healed forever…but when seekers find this pearl of great value (and they put it into practice)…they are healed (with refinement and testing on this journey of course) by the Great Physician (GOD) who prescribes us medicine while he uses Gwen to deliver it…this blesses me daily and it keeps me in awe of Him and all that He is doing. It blesses my family as well, because any time that I get to use to support this page, God instantly gives back to my family. My wife and children know that this is a part of our family devotional time on certain days of the week and support this as well. I would conclude with…there is no time like the present…if you haven’t been active…no worries…choose today to begin to lift up the arms that truly lift up how God intended for His children to live. With the amount of false religion, hopelessness, SELF, lust, pride, weight loss gimmicks, racism, man’s opinions, etc. on social media and in the world, let’s begin to do more for the Remnant of the Kingdom of God and share this Truth with the touch of a few buttons! I used to be (at times still am 🙂 ) fearful of social media with its modern day movement, but I have learned that if my heart is to share and GO ALL IN with the message of HOPE, God has sent SME’s (subject expert matters) to help me get plugged in and settled in the position where He wants me…please be encouraged to know that Your Changed Life Matters! – Durville P.

With Weigh Down participants scattered throughout the United States and the world, God has allowed Facebook to be one of the most powerful and unifying tools for those seeking the Truth.  With one click on your phone or computer, anyone in the world can connect with others who want to put God first…through the Weigh Down Facebook Group.  At anytime of the day or night, you can get a Scripture, a testimony, or connect with another person.  The Weigh Down Outreach staff is active on that group – it is like having Outreach open 24 hours a day – and you can get a resource to help you through a test, get tech help or just prayer and encouragement.  Gwen Shamblin has always said that God allowed technology to be used for Him and we have seen that become a reality through the Weigh Down Facebook Group! – Candace A.

God has given us this wonderful technology to encourage one another and to bring glory and honor to Him. This page is encouraging and convicting and always seems to have just the right word at just the right time. There are constantly testimonies of people sharing what they’ve struggled with in the past and how fully putting this message into practice has helped them overcome. This page is full of Truth. This page is full of hope. I’m honored to share in any part of it. It has changed the course of my family forever. I praise God for Weigh Down and for its founder, Gwen Shamblin, who humbly but boldly speaks the Word of God and shows us by her life how to follow in the footsteps of Christ. – Tony D.

I LOVE the Facebook page! Being here in Ohio it has been the most encouraging fellowship opportunity. We truly are connected by this technology in ways that are powerful for God’s Kingdom. I’ve learned so much as the Weigh Down staff and Gwen and our leadership share answers to questions. It is incredibly uplifting to see the posts of what God has done. It spurs me on to constantly be renewing my mind with the TRUTH, through the postings of You Can Overcome shows, Weigh Down materials, etc. I personally can testify that I have changed exponentially through the increased fellowship and focus that I’ve gained by being on the Facebook page almost daily for the last few years. This has been HUGE to help me go further in every area. I could spend hours telling of the changes and how God has worked though this anointed media!!! Plus, getting to help in this way has allowed me to get to know some amazing Saints and spend time with them. It has provided a great opportunity to imitate righteousness!!! We have learned here that God’s Spirit moves through those who are surrendered and faithful.  His Spirit leads me to what my heart needs to hear to be sharpened so often through this page. I love to share also what God has shown MY heart through walking out some of the tests others are posting about… We have learned in this message to LOVE others by pointing them to the Truth—one of the most loving things you can do for another, I feel. This is true fellowship—where two or more are gathered (or 7,700…), Jesus is there with us. This page has fruit to back this up. God is moving to change lives DAILY in small and large ways. Within minutes of getting on the page, you can read story after story of this. His Spirit is moving, so how could you NOT be excited about this and want to be a part of it?!!!! Remembering back to getting started a couple years ago with Facebook, I did not feel “tech savvy.” I had to get help to set my page up and have it explained to me. With persevering through the testing of getting started and figuring out this media—I’ve been so blessed! It’s truly one of my best decisions. Although it’s possible to get caught up in all that’s going on in the general “news feed”…I’m not one to spend much time there. I set up my social media after prayer and a leading from leadership, I believe a couple years ago we had the opportunity to be charged “to get a Facebook page.” I took this seriously. It is a link to TRUTH for me, a way to stay connected to others who are going for it…it is also a great way to see what others may be needing and to spend time in prayer for them—an AWESOME way to stay OUT OF SELF. I’m praying everyone can tap into this resource and open their minds to what God is doing here! I am so beyond grateful to God for this media. – Beth S.

I LOVE getting to know people from all over the world on the Facebook page! I love hearing the answered prayers, the ways of escape and the beautiful Truths others are learning from what Gwen is sharing in classes or during a Sabbath service or You Can Overcome show.  It’s inspiring and encouraging. Even though I may have never met someone personally, we have a place where we can connect and be united! If you want friends who are like-minded and want to talk about God, this page is for you! It gives you a one-stop spot for Gwen’s Tweets, the Chronicles, encouraging links to music or testimonies…and then say if all you have is five extra minutes during a lunch break and you get on and read a post from someone in Texas who just passed a food test or a testimony of someone in England who was blessed by getting under authority, etc., it’s like a cool drink of water during a hot day. Time and time again I feel like God has used the page to show me more ways to go further in my own walk through Scriptures people post or their personal testimonies of ways God got them through testing times. I’m never disappointed when I get on there and read through the posts! And lastly, the Facebook classes on Monday nights are one of the highlights of my week! Going through each class with everyone and making new best friends each time and all growing closer to God the entire time has been my favorite blessing of all. Praise God for all He is doing through the Facebook page! – Heather H.

I love giving back to God and this Ministry through Facebook!!  It is a blessing to get to be a part of such a movement!  I consider it a huge honor to encourage those on this walk who are struggling, fighting a personal battle, taking classes, going all in, or walking out tests that I’ve had as well.  I know I have benefited so much from the love and encouragement from so many Saints and our incredible leaders!!  It is so much fun and I can’t imagine not watching “The Church of Facebook” come to life!!  The vision Michael had was truly from God!  I think back to “meeting” people like Cherie Cole and Marci Carter on Facebook and now they are very dear to me and I can truly call these ladies friends AND sisters!!  The Weigh Down Facebook page is full of life and filled with incredible encouragement and testimonies!  It is so encouraging watching someone join the page who has either never done Weigh Down before, or watch them return and go all in!  Watching hundreds of people post how they love God more because they are applying these principles we are taught at Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down is amazing!  We get to watch lives change and God work!!  If I ever find myself complacent or having a testing day, I KNOW I can jump on Facebook and be spurred on…convicted by the new person who just lost 20 pounds, or encouraged by a link to the Chronicles, WDWB, Focus Up Minutes, a testimony, You Can Overcome shows, a Scripture, or a word from Gwen!!  The resources we are blessed with to keep us focused on God are incredible!!!  If you are not a part of the Weigh Down Facebook page, I highly encourage you to do so…as you will be filled up with love and Truth!!  This page helps keeps me connected to this Kingdom of Love!!! – Stacy S.

There you have it – Joyful testimonies from changed people. And like we said in the beginning of this article, this just represents a FEW Saints. There is more encouragement out there waiting. Log in…and don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with like-minded, happy, in-love-with-GOD people around the world!

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