Festival of Lights 2015 – Looking Forward to a Grand Celebration

Remnant Fellowship - Messiah Celebration - Festival of Lights - Gwen ShamblinYes, it’s December…and yes, it’s a wonderful season for giving. Decorations are up and people are…generally…a little bit more thoughtful over these few weeks each year. All of this is fine, but what is our REAL focus supposed to be? Sure, we have a great opportunity to be kind, thoughtful, and generous – but isn’t there MORE to this month than just a temporary stretch of “feel-good” gift giving, music, and a few parties? The answer here in the Remnant is a resounding YES. This is the month of the “Celebration of Christ” and the “Festival of Lights!” What is that? Let’s look to the words of Gwen Shamblin, the founder of this Church, Ministry, and teaching…taken from one of her past Festival of Lights messages…

“Our Festival of Lights is an honoring of all the brave men and women who would lay down their lives to keep God’s Word and His temple alive—the light of bravery and truth that leads us to true freedom—freedom in the heart. Both Judah Maccabee and Jesus Christ fought battles. Judah was fighting to clear the temple of idols for freedom of worship. Jesus came not long after, fighting for the freedom of the heart of man, freedom of the soul. A mighty war continues to this day, a war lost when idols are present in the heart of man—a war won when the idols are smashed. All the great Prophet/reformers fought for this freedom. Mattathias and Judah fought for it—Jesus died for it. Hanukkah should be about righteous Saints, a family, the Maccabees, who lived and died for freedom from the enemy and from idols. Christmas—Christ came to Earth to set us free from satan and self. We celebrate that by actually living it out—that is how you celebrate it. What a powerful and mighty light, Jesus Christ—He is bright and clear and brilliant! It is time to fight for the restoration of the true meaning of Christmas! Christ is the light of this Earth and the light that points us to the One Source—the Great, Almighty God . Jesus was sent to illuminate a dark world so we can be free to love God alone, idol-free, with no other competition. Love is what Christmas is all about.” – Gwen Shamblin

Remnant Fellowship - Messiah Celebration - Festival of Lights - Children ChoirWhat a beautiful, clear, succinct explanation that is! And there is MUCH more where that came from. The life of Christ is a very deep subject, and Gwen takes time every year to share in great detail what this “Light” is all about. This is for ALL ages and all walks of life. It is a time to look INWARD…into our own hearts and examine them against the example of Jesus Christ. Do you want even MORE meaning this Christmas? Then JOIN US for the Festival of Lights and Celebration of Christ. We will observe this special event on the Sabbath (Saturday) evening, December 19th. On top of all of that, feel free to take a few minutes and watch the videos below. You’ll gain even more insight and get a preview of what is to come!

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