Join Us January 4th for the Weigh Down Virtual Rally!

Virtual Rally - Can God Make You Thin?Can God make you thin?  This was a headline question in Woman’s Day magazine many years ago.  The answer will once again be globally addressed by Gwen Shamblin on January 4th, 2016 at the​ Weigh Down Facebook Virtual Rally.  With nearly 8,000 followers on the Weigh Down Ministries Facebook Group Page and growing daily, the word is spreading quickly about this life-changing approach to health.  If you are looking to END the yo-yo dieting, mandatory exercise regimens, and good foods/bad foods frustration…and learn to enjoy EVERY kind of food in moderation…ALL while getting thin and STAYING thin, then this Virtual Rally is for YOU!  Join us…and connect with people from all over the world who are ready to overcome their battles with overweight and all kinds of harmful habits and addictions.  This time spent with Gwen and so many others who have had incredible success will leave you with hope and with a plan.  Yes, YOU can do this too!


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