Moving-HelpBeing a member of Remnant could be described as participating in a giant game of checkers…there is a lot of moving around! With this ever growing Church, we have members relocating to the Nashville community on a regular basis, as well as local members downsizing, upsizing, renovating…however God leads with the changes in families and needs of growing households.

On any given Sunday, you may see Todd Kubiak and the Movers helping a new family set up shop. Also, the Remnant is notorious for knocking out walls to expand their kitchens to accommodate family and fellowship gatherings.

Floor-WorkWith that said, there is an increasing need for volunteers who have skills in the area of carpentry, electrical work, painting, plumbing, handyman skills. If you are gifted in any of these areas and have some extra time you can give to the others, please contact Cary Powers via e-mail at and she will help get you connected with where the needs are. Not only will you feel wonderful as you use your gifts to help others, but you will enjoy great FELLOWSHIP with other Saints who are doing the same thing!

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