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Foundational Beliefs

Finding Fundamental Truth

Although it has been announced a few times this past year that we have a number of Gwen Shamblin’s foundational messages available on, we wanted to make sure everyone knew both how to find these videos and how to share them with others.


Step 1

On the front of, there are currently two ways to get to the Foundational Beliefs video page. You can either click on the button on the right – below the main banner that reads “For More Videos of Hope & The Key Teachings that Changed our Lives… CLICK HERE” – or you can click on “About Our Church” in the navigation bar and select “What We Believe” –> What We Believe – Video Resources.


Step 2

Once you are on the Foundational Beliefs Video Resources page, you will see a number of videos sorted by category that can each be viewed on demand. The categories currently include “About Us“, “A Relationship with God“, “Following Christ“, and “Faith and Works“.



If you want to share any of the videos, scroll down and look in the bottom right corner of every webpage on You will see a row of icons you can click on that correspond to the website you want to share it on (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.).   You will also see a “+” symbol you can click on to e-mail the link to a friend and also see the full list of all available websites you can share the video on. Just click on the picture of the website you want to share that page on to get started!


If you have other questions regarding available videos or social sharing, please feel free to e-mail your questions to Praise GOD for such vast catalog of Truth-filled resources that we can share worldwide.

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