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Jessica Walters - Weigh Down and Remnant FellowshipHello, my name is Jessica Walters and I am honored to share that I have been on staff with Weigh Down since 2000. Over those years I have not only experienced a complete change in my own life as a result of putting these teachings into practice, I have witnessed thousands of people from all different backgrounds and places in life come to this teaching and be completely transformed too! God has and is still moving mightily through the clear and Biblically-based, Jesus Christ-based teaching that is pouring out of Gwen Shamblin!

Over the years, I am continually amazed at how God opens doors to get this message out worldwide. For those who know Weigh Down, we know what an incredibly generous offer and service the newly released Weigh Down ALL ACCESS is for all Weigh Down participants! As phone calls and emails come in to the office about this exciting release, the following are the top common questions…

Q: What is Weigh Down ALL ACCESS?
A: When you sign up for Weigh Down ALL ACCESS, you are basically signing up for WEIGH DOWN. You are now able to access Every Weigh Down Class, Every Video, Audio, Song, …Everything! It is an Online connection to Truth 24/7. In the past, many people had signed up for a 6-18 week class and had TruthStream for extra reinforcement, which was very fruitful and we all needed both… now combine all of that and you have = Weigh Down ALL ACCESS.

Q: What costs are involved?
A: To sign up it is $24.99 a month, no contracts, you can cancel anytime, no refunds for partial months. This covers all online streaming access and you get free class study guide downloads. “Streaming” means you can only access if you are an active subscriber; “download” means a file (written, audio, other) you can keep on your computer/devices’ hardrive/memory. Optionally, if you want physical class materials (such as a study guide to write in or CDs to listen to when away from your Internet-access), those are available to ALL ACCESS members only. Those range from $15-29 depending on the item. When you are logged in (and you have to be logged in so the site recognizes you are an ALL ACCESS member), you will see a special category on the Weigh Down Store titled “ALL ACCESS RESOURCES” where you can purchase and download those items.

Q: What equipment/technology do I need to use this service?
A: ALL ACCESS is accessible through any device with Internet access. If you can get to the web, then you can get to ALL ACCESS. If you are on a desktop or laptop, just go to www.weighdown.com and you will see the “Sign In” button in the top right. From there you will be able to get to all the Classes and additional resources (lessons on parenting, marriage, finances, depression, etc!).

If you are on an Apple or Android Tablet (ie iPad, G Pad, Galaxy Tab, etc) or Smart Phone (ie iPhone, iTouch, Galaxy, Razr, Droid, etc), we highly recommend that you get the Weigh Down App (“App” is just short for “application” – and it is a fancy name for those square buttons on your tablet or smart phone). You can get the Weigh Down app by clicking on either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search “Weigh Down”, and purchase the Weigh Down app (1 time $0.99 app purchase). Once downloaded onto your device, then you can start accessing all things Weigh Down with a click on the button!

If you don’t have an Apple or Android Tablet or Smartphone, you can still use Weigh Down ALL ACCESS by going through a Web Browser (which is a fancy name for “the button that takes you to the web” i.e. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc) to www.weighdown.com where you can click the “Sign In” button. You might consider adding a bookmark to that website page for quicker access.

Truthstream-App1Q: I can find the classes on my home computer but having a hard time finding on my phone app?
A: We understand! While we were able to update our website immediately; the App changes have to go through some different hoops…so while your APP may not look different yet, it will…just look for that update soon! Until then…when you go to your Weigh Down App, click on “Truthstream” at the top left, sign in, then click on the top “Browse Library” line, and there are ALL the Classes, yeah!! And keep scrolling and you can see even more resources. At the office, we are “just a little” 🙂 eager for you to have the new App update…so know it will be even more user-friendly soon.

Q: What about chats and group classes?
A: Yes, we will still be hosting both Online Facebook Chats and local classes. Everyone just needs to be signed up for Weigh Down ALL ACCESS to participate. We will post chat times on the Weigh Down Facebook Group page and on the main Weigh Down website as well. You can reach out to your Regional Representative for information on any local groups meeting as well. We are also hoping more families will take advantage of this and do classes together in the home; I know my family is already!

Q: What support besides online streaming is available?
A: You can call the Weigh Down office at 1-800-844-5208 Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm and Friday 9am-1pm Central to speak to staff members who have sat under Gwen’s teachings for years and would love to encourage you, pray with you, and help direct you to the answers you need. You can also email the office at info@weighdown.com to connect with a weight loss support and accountability partner– these are volunteers who have applied Weigh Down and kept their weight off for a minimum of 3years (most for 10+!) and have a heart for encouraging others on the same path. In addition, the Weigh Down Facebook Group has served as a great resource for encouragement and support with over 8,000 members posting daily testimonies of weight loss and how God is changing their lives!

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