It doesn’t take more than just a few minutes of visiting with a Remnant member to know that there is a sense of BLESSING all over this place! ¬†Through putting the message of “GOD FIRST” into practice in EVERY aspect of life, the RESULTS are: marriages are healed and healthy, finances are restored, children are loving and full of joy, and we are working at our places of EMPLOYMENT with more dedication, focus, and commitment…as unto the Lord…than ever before! ¬†When you DO that, what happens? ¬†By the unbelievably humbling grace and mercy of GOD, ACCOLADES and PROMOTIONS and AWARDS follow! ¬†When we DO His will, BLESSINGS happen. ¬†Wow!

We collected just a SAMPLING of some of the job accolades and promotions that have taken place with our Remnant members in the past few weeks. ¬†The list ended up being so long…again, just for the past few weeks…that we needed to break up this article into more than just one article. ¬†And our list keeps GROWING!¬† So…listed below is Part One. ¬†Keep reading, and MARVEL at what GOD is doing in this place!

Remnant Fellowship Testimonies of Job Accolades and Promotions

  • Remnant Fellowship Member - Bethany HagansTwo weeks ago, my company announced and internal restructuring that meant almost my entire department would be laid off (all the way up to the executive VP). Following this news, I got the chance to put into practice everything we have learned about handling testing/trying times. Praying and looking inward, I asked God if there is anything I could have done better, if He was trying to show me something etc. Immediately what came to mind was a prayer I had said months ago, but had forgotten. I have a pretty demanding job but I really enjoy it but after a very convicting Sabbath sermon, I had prayed that if my job was getting in the way of my relationship with God, raising children, marriage or Kingdom work that I would give it up in a heartbeat. I wanted to make sure my heart was right and I was not getting pulled too much by this position.¬†Because I have learned HERE that God screens everything, I was full of peace and joy trusting that He would lead our family in the next steps. I continued to get enormous amounts of favor from my authorities as they bent over backwards trying to place me the following week.¬† PRAISE GOD! A week after the news, I had an interview with our sister company. In this interview, I met with two executives who preceded to tell me that my name specifically had come up in multiple meetings regarding the transition. Basically, there were several business units that were wanting to retain me, including the one I was interviewing for. He then said “I want you to stop worrying because you have will have a job regardless. We will let the other business units have you, but if it doesn’t work out we will convince you to come here. Everyone says you are a rockstar and whoever meets you walks away your biggest fan. How does it feel to have people fighting over hiring you?”¬†I was speechless. I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that if it weren’t for this Truth of getting under authority unto God, that ¬†NO ONE would be fighting over me. What they are seeing is a direct result of PUTTING INTO PRACTICE what I have learned from Gwen Shamblin at Remnant Fellowship. I would sit in my car every morning and pray that He would allow me to represent Him and this church is the best possible light ‚Äď that I would have no selfish ambition, but only work for the goals of my employer unto God.¬† As a result, God allowed every project that came my way to be blessed, And I even had the chance to give Him the credit at times. I know this has NOTHING to do with my skills or personality. What they are wanting is someone under authority, because then God is present and He blesses the work. Thank you to Gwen for teaching us this amazing, life-changing, Godly principle!¬†All that to say, God is giving back what I willingly gave up, He didn’t ¬†have to do that. I’m just praying to continue to humbly represent Him and produce the fruit of this Truth everyday. I couldn’t have done it without every sermon, All Access, accountability, and constant prayer. – Bethany Hagans

  • Remnant Fellowship Member - Sandra BrownYes, feedback from my boss with my reviews proves the trustworthiness of what I am learning in the Remnant! For example,¬†she so appreciated me moving back to a previous position at a moment’s notice and without complaint because it was needed – and it was because of all these Remnant teachings that I was able to do that. She said it was “very classy” and because of that and the other practices I have learned here to put on…at my review in December I received positive marks and the best raise to date!!! – Sandra Brown

  • Remnant Fellowship Member - Josie YoungI know I never could have gotten this position, much less been able to perform the tasks required without Divine Guidance. Moreover, this job is so fast-paced, I would be drowning if I hadn’t learned the key of focusing on the authority’s desires. I have so many people coming to me all at once, all the time, that if I hadn’t learned Gwen’s teaching about focusing on “authority’s priorities,” my head would be spinning, and I probably would have been fired or quit in frustration. It is all a huge praise to God for designing this situation, and such a trust-builder to see how He provides what I need to get the job done (because I honestly feel like I don’t know what I’m doing half the time!)¬†Even though I have barely a year’s experience in IT, and the others on my team have 5-10 years’ experience, my manager told me that she considers me to be her top Administrator. Here is my manager’s summary on my annual performance review (received this week):

    (From my Manager) – “Josie is a pleasure to work with and always willing to go the extra mile.¬† She is always very pleasant, a hard worker and a vital part to CCS as well as the Applications Team. Josie has done a great job with constant day to day operations and support for users. She has excellent communication skills and works well with the other SF admins and the IT department; she is a very good teacher.¬† She is always willing to go the extra mile for her team members, users and CCS. I look forward to watching her develop her skills as a SF Admin as well as a SF Developer.¬† It‚Äôs been a pleasure working with Josie and I know she has great things in store for her.” – Josie Young

  • Remnant Fellowship Member - Makenzie RubertoRemnant Fellowship Member - Anthony RubertoWe couldn’t pass up the opportunity to praise God for what he has done recently in our job situations. We graduated from MTSU last December (2015) and both had jobs secured before our graduation date. Anthony had multiple interviews with UBS downtown Nashville, and had heard about the company through Chris Radebaugh,¬†although there were no open positions on Chris’ team at the time. In his¬†last interview he was offered a position at their brand new location in Cool Springs (a 6 minute commute from our house) which was totally unexpected as he had been interviewing for positions downtown. Not only that, but this job was on Chris’ team, as someone unexpectedly quit during¬†this process (Chris didn’t even know his boss was interviewing Anthony!), and now they have desks right next to each other! This was an amazing blessing for us and I am so in awe of what God did!! A few weeks before, I interviewed for the¬†Vanderbilt Nurse Residency program and was offered a position in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. I KNOW that the only way this happened is¬†through prayer and by living out the characteristics of Christ that we are taught in this place!! Believe me, on paper I was not competitive for this rare¬†critical care position fresh out of nursing school, so I know it was only from God answering our prayers of this dream job (at the same hospital as my mom by the way, another huge blessing!!) All of this came after we¬†sent in a request for prayers for these jobs situations. I am eternally grateful and can’t believe that we get to live out this life for God. We have been given all the secrets to a joyful life in EVERY area, from growing up with friends and siblings, being under our parents authority, to dating in purity, an incredibly peaceful marriage, and now in this next step of putting this message into¬†practice with authorities at work. We are SO THANKFUL!!!! – Anthony and Makenzie Ruberto

  • Remnant Fellowship Member - Denise ThissenI have been so blessed at my current job! I work for a promotional products distributer company called USimprints as a graphic artist. I’ve been there a little over a year & have gained much favor in that time from my bosses, all because of the amazing teaching I have had the privilege to learn of being under authority & looking to meet their needs!¬†

    In the past year, my company started up a sister company very similar to itself called GOImprints. It it much smaller than USimprints & still in growth mode. Over a course of months, I transitioned to doing the art for GOImprints & now that is my primary job. My boss (art director), told me she had told our boss that if there was an art person they should invest in, it should be me. At my year review in November, I met with our boss  & he said that if GOImprints continues to grow over this next year, they will hire more sales reps & art people, and those art people would be under me. So I would essentially be the Art Director for that company. He gave me a 10% raise at the beginning of this year too!

    My boss keeps telling me how easy I am to work with, that I’m known for being the sweetest person in the office – never saying anything bad about anyone, and that she can always count on me to he done what she needs.

    I take no credit for any of this because I know I would not be this kind of employee nor get this favor & blessings without God & what I have learned at Remnant Fellowship!! I am SO eternally grateful for this truth & for the opportunity to be a light in the workplace & not use it as a place for self!!! All praise to God! РDenise Thissen

  • Remnant Fellowship Member - Penny HermannI just wanted to let you know that in March 2015 I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant with The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). I am responsible for media relations for the province of Ontario. I credit God for allowing me to get this position and was in shock when I found out that I had been selected.

    As a result of what I have learned in this message, I have since been privileged to be the commander for ceremonial duties that had put the RCMP on the International stage. In addition, I have been recommended to participate in opportunities for managerial growth. I know that it is because of this message that this is all possible. By me following the principles taught of hunger and fullness – it has allowed me to be a good representative for the RCMP (as I look “good” in uniform). I do not say that to brag – I had tried everything to lose weight prior to this message and was not successful. I know that I would not be where I am today if God did not point me to Weigh Down. ¬†I praise God for this message! – Penny Hermann

We literally could go on and on and on and on… But as was said earlier, this is just Part ONE! ¬†Much MORE will follow soon. ¬†Praise GOD for a message that teaches the right PERSPECTIVE about authority and about working “as unto the Lord.” ¬†The BLESSINGS from even just this one principle abound!

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