Weigh Down on Tour – Here we come Chicago, Grand Rapids, & Indy!

Weigh Down on Tour

Weigh Down on Tour, successful participant , Jill SnappThis week Gwen Shamblin and the staff at Weigh Down will hit the road and head north with a single focus in mind…to gather Weigh Down participants and seekers of Truth for a time of spiritual renewal and encouragement.  If you reside anywhere within the vicinity of Chicago, Grand Rapids or Indianapolis, clear out your calendar, pack up your car and make every effort to attend the “Weigh Down on Tour” gathering in any of these cities…for what surely will prove to be a pinnacle life-changing event!  [ms_quote cite=”Candace Anger, Weigh Down staff” url=”” class=”” id=””]”Seeing Gwen Shambin get back on the road is an absolute thrill for the staff! It seems that each time someone gets to meet Gwen one on one and see her love for God and life they continue to be encouraged to transform. I feel so much anticipation for who we may meet and who is out there putting the will of God into practice. I am so thankful for this job and for the honor of going on the tour!”- Candace Anger, Weigh Down staff[/ms_quote] Past Weigh Down participants from the 1990’s may recall the annual “Desert Oasis” conventions, which brought thousands of people from around the world to the Nashville area.  In November of 2001, a regional Weigh Down gathering titled “Rebuilding The Wall” was held in Southbend, Indiana and it is still a gathering that is referenced by many Weigh Down participants as a revolutionary turning point in their lives. There were multiple “Rebuilding the Wall” stops in Texas, Kansas, Florida, Connecticut, Georgia, and many more cities across the entire country in the following years, as more people began to truly embrace the powerful Biblical truths presented.

The return to Weigh Down…

Desert Oasis 2011 Worship MusicIn 2016, a “royal revival”  is clearly underway as many are returning to Weigh Down after realizing that the Biblically-based teachings they heard in the 90’s are in fact THE ANSWER to being permanently free from overweight, as well as experience true healing from all “addictions”…transforming once broken lives into beautiful lives reflecting the royalty of Heaven. Permanent weight loss, restored finances, healed marriages and youth with renewed purpose resulting in households full of love…all of these incredible blessings are happening at warp speed by those who are hearing and putting the “how to” teachings from Scripture into practice. With the countless testimonies of new life, comes the desire to spread this revolutionary good news to the hurting world.  When the summer plan for “Weigh Down on Tour” was announced to the congregation at Remnant Fellowship, which is the Church that sponsors Weigh Down, a roar of excitement from the crowd could be heard to the Heavens…and the anticipation and excitement has only increased from there!

Successful Weigh Down participant, Tom QuinnTo those who will be attending one of these tour stops, here is a sneak peak of what you will experience…powerful eye-opening teachings from the Bible, Q&A with Gwen Shamblin, fellowship with like minded believers and godly music that will make your heart soar.  Like past Weigh Down gatherings, this 3 city tour will be an historical event in the lives of many.

There is HOPE

Weigh Down participant Matt Weaver, lost 55 pounds and has kept it off since 2002.Have you felt alone in Weigh Down…or even in your relationship with God?  Are you struggling with laying down your greed for food once and for all? Come to one of the three cities (or all three!) and be encouraged as you meet hundreds of other like-minded believers from your region who have successfully given up all idolatry and are now experiencing NEW victorious beautiful lives.  For more details on specific times and locations click here: www.weighdown.com

There is no question that this will be a revolutionary and life changing summer!

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