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JUST RELEASED! Weigh Down All Access continues to meet the needs of the entire family with the NEW RELEASE  of “Zion Youth Series: Running for the Crown.” Learn how to help your children with their motives for school, sports, social interactions and more! “Running for the Crown” gives practical insight and purpose for finding God’s will in everyday life situations.


Motivated by her deep love for God and children, Gwen Shamblin shares insight and wisdom into many topics that our children and youth face on a daily basis. These videos will encourage your entire family to put the focus back on God and off of the world.​

Gwen Shamblin and day campers at Remnant Fellowship Church summer day camp!

Some of the titles include: “No Grumbling” “Appreciation Station” “The Perfect Athlete” “How to Find the Holy Spirit” “The Salt of the Earth” “Salt Makes it Better” …An amazing new series produced for children and youth but will be beloved by the whole family!

“Zion Youth Series: Running for the Crown” is one of the hundreds of resources on Weigh Down All Access, a service provided by Weigh Down Ministries. To watch this series and for more information on how to subscribe to “Weigh Down All Access,” go to

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