The New Weigh Down “REVOLUTION” Class ignites a weight loss revival

Weigh Down Revolution

In the mid 90’s, Weigh Down and Gwen Shamblin were practically household names as literally thousands and thousands of people around the globe experienced tremendous weight loss for the first time after years of yo-yo dieting.  The weight loss was truly unprecedented and caught the media attention by the likes of Larry King LIVE, The Tyra Banks Show and The Today Show to name just a few.

However, somewhere along the line many “Weigh Downers” turned back to man made rules and diet gimmicks, resulting not only in the number on the scale increasing but also bringing on much frustration, pain and depression.

With a heart full of compassion and never one to give up hope on anyone seeking God’s freedom, Gwen Shamblin was compelled to start a Monday night gathering at Remnant Fellowship Church specifically tailored to those who knew God’s principles of Weigh Down, had even experienced weight loss success in past years and yet had gained their weight back.

A Weight Loss Revolution

Gwen Shamblin -Remnant Fellowship Revolution classWhat transpired within the first weeks of her talks was nothing short of an awakening…people who had been stuck literally for  years in obesity were finally breaking free and losing their weight.  Their once lost connection with God was renewed, their purpose in life became clear and their value to God’s kingdom ignited.

In short, these collection of talks birthed the  “REVOLUTION” class now available to everyone on Weigh Down All Access!

Return to what worked…Return to God’s way

Weigh Down Before & After Jill SmithIf you too did Weigh Down many years ago but then wandered away back to man made diet rules, it is time to return to God’s way of eating. Start losing weight today! Join the Weigh Down “Revolution,” class and you will find that this class goes beyond the basics of Weigh Down and gets to the heart of why you have struggled for so long.  Unlock the key you need to go all the way with permanent weight loss once and for all…join the Revolution!

The “REVOLUTION” class is now available on Weigh Down All Access, the 24/7 subscription to all Weigh Down classes, audios, workbooks and more for only $24.99/month.


For more information call 1-800-844-5208 or visit our website at



  1. Janita Breedlove says:

    We are using the old DVD set from the 80s? in our Sunday School Class. We do not have access to WIFI or anything like that to do the newest classes. Do you have DVDs or anything like that for sale??

    • Miley Barcus says:

      Hi Janita! Thank you so much for your question. Wow! Amazing that you still have the old DVD’s!! To all of your Sunday school members that may be returning to Weigh Down from the 80’s, WELCOME BACK!!! We would very much love to encourage and cheer you all on. We have the same phone number from the 80’s so you all are welcome to call our office during regular business hours. 1-800-844-5208. The only way to access the Revolution class is through Weigh Down All Access, which is an awesome online service. $24.99 per month that gives the subscriber access to every class offered through Weigh Down, along with hundreds of support resources. I encourage you to pass this info on to your class and also have them join the Weigh Down Facebook page for daily encouragement. For any of your friends that did Weigh Down back in the 80’s, they will LOVE the Revolution class and the ability to watch the video lessons over and over again at home through WD All Access.
      Please feel free to call our office for more info and any further questions. Also, check out the website: Much love and prayers to you all!

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