The Joy of the Sabbath at Remnant Fellowship Church!

Remnant Fellowship - Gwen Shamblin and Naomi Howell

Every Sabbath morning, Remnant Fellowship Church members gather together for worship, life-changing teaching and the most beautiful fellowship we have ever experienced.  From the youngest to the aged, this truly is the highlight of our week…so much so that no one wants to leave the building once the Assembly is over!

Infectious Love & Joy…

This love-like-glue inability to leave the church building spawned the genius idea from the Heavens of having regular Sabbath potluck lunches.  Yes the infectious love abounds as Remnant Fellowship members share their best dishes  with one another, joy permeates the air, conversations are uplifting and children are seen laughing and playing on the beautiful church grounds.

“These potluck gatherings after worship on Saturdays are the absolute best! There is nothing like being able to get together with hundreds of your best friends and talk about the conviction and encouragement we just received from the message.”

– Naomi Howell

The hundreds of Remnant Fellowship youth are equally as eager to stay put to catch up with their best buds, with conversations full of answered prayers and encouragement for one another. And unlike many “typical teens,” this young crowd loves staying close to their parents, siblings and genuinely treasure having close knit families.


Remnant Fellowship youth: Kendall Hayden, Alex Rickman, Sabrina DeMoss, Avery Martin and Alira Thomas

“No teenager ever wants to leave after worship on Saturdays! I absolutely LOVE our  potluck lunches and getting to talk about what I just learned with my parents and friends.” -Alex Rickman

Although this scenario is a regular site at the “home church” location of Remnant Fellowship Church in Brentwood, TN, it is not exclusive to the Remnant “locals.”  The church that Gwen Shamblin and seven others founded in 1999, now webcasts to over 150 locations around the world.  So, whether it be across the U.S. or north to Canada…over the pond to England or around the globe to Australia, the Remnant Fellowship members often gather in each others homes  for Sabbath worship and fellowship as well—sometimes even traveling several hours for a regional gathering, staying in each others’ homes.

Come and see!

And of course, visitors are always welcome locally or around the world!  For worship times and locations visit or call 1-800-844-5208 for more information.

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