Five “Must-See” Shows on Remnant Fellowship TV

Real Men - Real Christians

Looking for meaningful TV shows that point you to the brighter side of life and inspire you to be a better person? These five episodes of the "You Can Overcome" show hosted by Gwen Shamblin are all must watch TV!

"Real Men - Real Christians"

Real Men - Real Christians
How does a professing Christian man follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ in every aspect of daily living? In this episode of the "You Can Overcome" show, Gwen Shamblin interviews five men of Remnant Fellowship Church who are finding God's will in every aspect of their lives—family, work, friendships, sports and even vacations. The friendships that these Remnant Fellowship men have with each other are lifelong, like a Band of Brothers battling the spiritual warfare that this life brings with it.

"How to Overcome Depression"

How to Overcome Depression & Find True Joy
On this episode of the “You Can Overcome” show, you will hear amazing perspective and teaching from Gwen Shamblin…and you will watch and discover how two young millennials, Garrett Stewart and Brittany Baril, lost over 100 pounds total, overcame soul-crushing depression, and found true joy and happiness!

"How to Lose 100 Pounds"

How to Lose 100 Pounds – You Can Do it Too
Gwen Shamblin and cohost Candace Anger interview three women who lost over 100 pounds and have kept it off for years. These women were just like you, dealing with everyday responsibilities and hardships, and finally found the truth that set them free. You can do it too!

"How to Have a Successful Marriage"

How to Have a Successful Marriage…Marriage & Family in the Kingdom of Love
Meet David and Jennifer Martin, a couple with five children who learned and put into practice the keys to having a wonderfully happy marriage. You will hear how you can make changes in your own life today so you can have a peaceful home, marriage, and family filled with love every day.

"God's Incredible Youth"

Remnant Fellowship Youth
Meet the incredible youth at Remnant Fellowship Church! This next generation is the real deal...they have a genuine connection with God, are close to their parents and are the best of friends. Their exemplary lives are often recognized in the community as God continues to lead and bless their life choices. Where ever you live, you and your children can get involved with the youth at Remnant Fellowship. Watch and be encouraged!

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