“How We Lost All of our Baby Weight Fast” – Beautiful Babies & Gorgeous Mothers!

Remnant Fellowship new mothers and babies

Healthy Pregnancies, Beautiful Babies… and Gorgeous Mothers!

Ivy Stamps speaks with Chloe and Laura

Ivy Stamps speaking of her quick weight loss as a result of following Weigh Down principles.

It’s Mother’s Day Weekend! While families spend time showing honor to the woman that raised them or that God gave them as second ‘mom,’ couples may start thinking about how a baby would add that joy to their own marriage.  However, statistics show that many women resist the motherly instinct for fear they will never look like they did before their beautiful baby is born. This is a very legitimate concern as so many women do not ever lose the weight they gain while pregnant. But here at Remnant Fellowship Church, not only do we have so many women who have delivered beautiful babies, they are all returning to their pre-pregnancy weight in record time.

In a recent episode of the “You Can Overcome” show, host Gwen Shamblin interviewed a line up of new mothers who had lost all their “baby weight”…some even weighing less than they did before pregnancy!

Remnant Fellowship new mothers and babies

New mothers and their beautiful babies featured on a recent episode of the “You Can Overcome” show, hosted by Gwen Shamblin.

This show was so packed with hope and encouragement that losing baby weight does not have to be scary at all. These beautiful mothers with healthy beautiful babies varied in age from 25-32 years old. Most had all their weight off inside a few months and a few women actually lost more weight than they had gained. The average weight gain for all of them was 40 pounds and that number could seem daunting! But not with Weigh Down!  God’s approach always gives life and health. These woman had no fear! That was a common denominator in the way that they described their peaceful pregnancies.

“Because of Weigh Down, we don’t have to go through any anxiety about returning to our previous weight.” – Ivy Stamps

Remnant Fellowship Laura Homonnay with child

Laura Homonnay, featured on the “You Can Overcome” show, spoke of her healthy pregnancy and easy weight loss as a result of following Weigh Down principles.

Margaret Polivka testified, ” We had so much energy and felt great eating anything the WeighDown way, of hunger and fullness, and we are losing the weight normally!” …. Anne Jost testified to something that every lady talks about after having a baby, “I was a able to get back into my slacks!”

A Renewed Hope

Gwen Shamblin pointed out that this sample group of new mothers was a second generation of women who used WeighDown to lose their baby weight, as many of their mothers had taken Weigh Down back in the 90’s… and that with each generation we have become more aware of the Spirit of God and what His boundaries are that only enhance our health and life – and therefore bless our whole family!  This show is one of the most encouraging shows there is out there to show your friends and family who may have these worries.

Watch the entire “You Can Overcome” episode below!

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