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Remnant Fellowship TV

Did you catch the most recent episode of Remnant Fellowship TV?  On this “must see” Season 11, episode 14 of the “You Can Overcome” show, Gwen Shamblin interviews seven 13 year olds, all of whom have been raised in Remnant Fellowship Church. These seven youth are part of the forty six who chose to be confirmed in Remnant Fellowship Church this past weekend.

Watch this interview and you will be amazed by their love for God and others, as well as their deep respect for their parents.  They all have a maturity level that surpasses their years.  This wonderful episode will inspire both parent and child— this is a show for the entire family!


Here is a list of suggested resources to help you raise your children to a meaningful and powerful relationship with God:

-Feeding Children Physically & Spiritually

Over the years, we have heard from countless loving parents seeking advice on how to share the foundational Christian principles of The Weigh Down Workshop with their children. It might seem like an overwhelming task to fight overweight, obesity and eating disorders for yourself, much less for your children. We do not want to raise our children to bow down to the false idol of food. But here is the good news: God has given us everything we need for life and godliness!

-The Vision Series

The Vision audio series is a must-have for every family. It describes a beautiful vision for what every family can look like, regardless of their circumstances, as they turn their focus to God and His commands. This series is targeted to the men and leaders of families, but it is relevant for everyone. 

-Weigh Down All Access

Get 24/7 access to every class offered by Weigh Down, including hundreds of support resources.  There are teachings covering every major topic in life including family, parenting, health, wellness, financial advice, overcoming unwanted dependencies.

-Raising Godly Children

(available on Weigh Down All Access)

Gwen Shamblin uncovers Godly principles that will result in peace in your relationships with your children and others.  She will encourage you to focus onGod and get your heart right first.  She shares how your children will love what you love and how the strongest motivation is positive reinforcement.  This audio makes parenting very clear and gives you practical basics that you can use today.  This is one of the most popular audios we have!

-The Answer to a Peaceful Home

(available on Weigh Down All Access)

In this audio, you will receive powerful and practical tips on how to have a happy and peaceful home.  By putting these principles into practice, your entire household will transform into the environment you are longing for.

Come and See!

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