Remnant Fellowship: A Church Across Countries!

This past weekend, Remnant Fellowship Church hosted members from across the world, including Canada, England, and Australia!

Gathering with out-of-town members on Tuesday evening

Traveling to Remnant Fellowship Church for one of God’s Holy Festivals, such as the beautiful Pentecost celebration last week, is a precious opportunity to unite as a church. Local members delight in hosting out-of-town members, enjoying every minute of loving fellowship together. Amanda Baker, local Remnant Fellowship member, says of international members,

Amanda Baker with Canadian Remnant Fellowship member, Jessica Enns

“It has been truly incredible to watch as God uses Gwen Shamblin and Remnant Fellowship Church to draw people from the four corners of the earth together in unity, through His Son Jesus Christ!”

You would never know that these church members live across different countries based on the instant love they feel towards each other, even if they are just meeting for the first time!

Gwen Shamblin pictured with Anna & Karina Saunderson, Remnant Fellowship members from England


Remnant Fellowship has grown to be an international church, especially as of late with all the technologies available to connect with each other. Stella Stewart, originally from the U.K. now a resident of Brentwood, TN and a precious volunteer at WeighDown/Remnant Fellowship, says

“International members can absolutely feel included! God has provided us with more and more ways to connect, including text, FaceTime and other video-chatting apps (e.g. Marco Polo). These technologies allow us to sidestep time zones and distance, making it very possible to stay connected! Praise God!”

Gwen Shamblin meeting with some of the visiting out-of-town members on Sunday morning

Prerna Bhatia, Remnant Fellowship Australian member, visited Nashville for the first time this Pentecost. She says,

“This has been so fun! I have had the best week with some of the best people I have EVER met.  I’ve been inspired to love God and love others more. I am looking forward to bringing back all that I have learned to Australia.”

Gorgeous rainbow that wrapped up the weekend

“Pure, Christ-based relationships are rare but extremely rewarding, no matter how far apart you live. The day you meet, you can hug instantly, love instantly, and have hours of conversation into the middle of the night. You feel one with Christ-based friendships because you are one.” 

History of the Love of God by Gwen Shamblin

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