Remant Fellowship Book Club – A Novel Idea !

Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down Book Club

When the highly anticipated new book by Gwen Shamblin, “God-Fearing Families” was released  on August 1st of this year, the staff at WeighDown had the fun idea of starting a book club with LIVE weekly book readings via Livestream. With over 9,000 members on the WeighDown Facebook group page, the weekly book club soon proved to be another means of strengthening the ever growing WeighDown community, as well as an obvious forum for spurring one another on in faith and good deeds. In no time at all, volunteer readers lined up and before too long every chapter was assigned through to the spring of 2018.

Success Sparks a NEW Schedule!

Originally set up for Tuesday mornings, the popularity of the LIVE weekly book club readings sparked a change in schedule. Moving to Sunday evenings at 7:00pm CST, the vision is that the new time slot will provide a time for whole families and households to gather, listen to the LIVE reading and soak in the brilliantly penned words of this life-changing material.  The hope is that the readings will then encourage dialogue among family members about how to have even more love, peace and joy in their home and grow in strengthened relationships with God and each other.

Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down Book Club


Join us! Sundays at 7pm CST

This week will be the first Sunday night reading, or as it’s affectionately called in the WeighDown office, “Sundays at 7.” Available by download through the WeighDown store or Amazon, the “God-Fearing Families”  book is a must have for every household! After downloading, follow this link to be joined together through Livestream to this weeks book club reading of chapters 11 and 12 of “God-Fearing Families. This week’s LIVE reading will be hosted by Don Fischer and his family.

Remnant Fellowship member, Don Fischer, pictured with his family, will host the LIVE book reading on Sunday, October 16th at 7:00pm CST.

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