Justin Fischer and Lily Peters – A Remnant Love Story


As Remnant Fellowship Church looks forward to wedding number 132 we are filled with joy and anticipation to celebrate the hope that God puts in all our hearts when we witness the joining of families and the strengthening of this church from the inside. Collins English Dictionary defines a Love Story as “a story whose central interest is a love relationship.” Truly this is what we witness when we gather for these weddings; 2 people, 2 families coming together with a central interest of loving God, a relationship with Him first. We then have the absolute joy of watching God put His people together and everyone feels such peace knowing that we will all get to see His peace lived out for a lifetime in the lives of these couples. This time we get to celebrate the marriage of Justin Fischer and Lily Peters.

A Parent’s Dream

Lily joined Remnant Fellowship in 2004 with her mother, Nicole and her brother, Robert. Though the family had carried with them the pain of a past divorce, they looked forward to a new life. What they found exceeded their expectations.  Nicole found love again and was optimistic for marriage success because of what she learned thru the practical teachings at Remnant, as well as witnessing the countless successful marriages and close-knit families in the church.  So much hope! She married fellow Remnant member, Kevin Higgins, in January of 2016 and knew that it was learning to put God first and others above herself that now blessed all her relationships.

Then seeing the maturity and focus of her daughter and Justin gave her great peace that this young couple—wise beyond their years —were in place for a peaceful, happy, purposeful life together.  Nicole was elated when Justin and Lily got engaged!  “Lily & Justin are so much more mature than I was at their age, as a direct result of what they have learned at Remnant Fellowship Church.  God matched them perfectly and they are quick to look to their parents and other Godly examples for guidance.” As a parent, very few things bring more peace than this!

The Fischer and Higgins family celebrate the engagement of their children Justin and Lily

Don and Donna Fischer said,  “We are so thankful for the messages that Gwen faithfully pours out, as well as the examples set by all of our Leaders. As we have all had our perspectives set right regarding God’s institution of marriage, truly it was amazing to watch our children begin to desire righteous, Godly spouses. Justin and Lily are both such servant hearts—and the more they got to know each other, the deeper and sweeter their love for each other grew! They seek input and guidance, and they are devoted to the church and to upholding its leaders. We are extremely grateful to watch them be blessed in their jobs, in their education and in everything they feel God calling them to do! It is beyond anything we could have ever hoped or dreamed, but we are excited to watch them begin their life together knowing that it is already so much different and so much more peaceful than what we experienced at their age!”

Their Closest Friends

One of the most special elements and themes of every wedding is the how grateful everyone is for what God is doing. The focal point is God’s will being walked out and this is magnified by how in awe everyone involved with the wedding is. The roles of best man and maid of honor are traditionally kind of party planner/support roles. In these weddings something that is a reoccurring theme is how much the people in these roles are spurred on to more Godliness because of the behavior of this bride and groom. Everyone knows that God is the center of this marraige, the center of the ceremony and the center of all the activities that surround the upcoming nuptials.

Lily with Maid of Honor, Grace Radebaugh

Grace Radebaugh, the maid of honor, says, “From the moment that her friendship and relationship with Justin started, it was obvious that she was blown away to get to date such a godly young man. She and Justin are such an amazing compliment to each other — they are totally unified in their desire to serve God’s Kingdom first and the saints, they love their authorities and have such amazing relationships with the parents and siblings, and when they are together more often than not it is to serve! I love watching how God, working as Cupid, pairs each couple up with the perfect match for them.”

Justin with his Best Man and brother, Joel

Best man and younger brother of the Justin, Joel Fischer says,  “I am honored to be part of this wedding celebration of Justin and Lily. I praise God for Justin as he has been the steadfast example of purity and what a big brother should look like. Justin has such a humble, fun, and gentle spirit that glorifies God in everything he does. I look forward to the future and every way that God will bless both Justin and Lily. Lily is also a huge blessing for Justin and to our family. Lily has such a sweet, outgoing, and loving heart that makes everybody want to be around her. She brings the fun to every situation and is always looking for the positive thing to say or do. I am so excited for what God will do, and I praise him for everything he has done.”

Their Story

Justin: Lily and I have known each other since we were very young—our families used to fellowship together when she lived in Michigan and I lived in Ohio. Our moms have been very good friends for many years. I did not really get to know Lily, though, until much later. I started getting to know Lily in 2016, and what has been neat from the beginning is that our relationship is based on a mutual desire to make sure God is first in everything we do.  I am so thankful to be part of Remnant Fellowship Church and can testify to the many blessings that come when we put God and others ahead of ourselves! God is awesome, and I am so excited to make sure that our marriage glorifies Him no matter what the circumstance—better or worse—as the years go by!


Lily: The hope that Justin and I have for this marriage is unbelievable as we have multiple examples to look up to and sweet parents who faithfully walk with us in every step of our relationship. The future is so sweet when the only goal is to please God!! And I am so thankful for Gwen Shamblin, who has walked out a life of love in every situation and continually shares the blessings of her own relationship with God. Lastly, all glory and thanks go to God for what he does in our lives. I pray that Justin and I will be stronger together to glorify him in our ways and actions then apart.

The wedding of Justin Fischer and Lily Peters will take place November 18, 2017. For more information and to hear more about their story, please go to our Remnant Fellowship Weddings page.

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