Long Live the King: A Choral Symphony by Michael Shamblin

Remnant Fellowship Church is eagerly anticipating this weekend's performance of Michael Shamblin's newest choral symphony, "Long Live the King". Originally the performance was scheduled as a one-night event on Saturday, December 16th, but due to a completely sold-out show accompanied by a fast-growing waiting list , Long Live the King will now be performed on Friday, December 15th and Saturday, December 16th!

If you have not yet purchased tickets, there are a few seats still available for the Friday night performance! These can be found in the Weigh Down Store.

Gwen Shamblin, founder of Remnant Fellowship Church and the mother of Michael Shamblin, has always expressed and ensured that all performances, including so many musical gifts, are all to the glory of God! This symphony has been carefully composed, directed and will be performed with much prayer and seeking the direction of God with every detail.

"This year (2017) at Passover, the theme was God’s Royal Priesthood, and mother commissioned me to write a song for that event. After the choir recorded "Magnificent," I felt everyone was singing so well and our church’s music team was working so efficiently that this was the time to attempt a larger choral project. Over the end of summer and this fall, I began working on "Long Live the King" and have to give many thanks to our Remnant choir for showing up at numerous practices for months on end and generously giving of their time. I'm also very grateful for David Martin's help as he has led this choir in learning and recording over these months, as well as Tish Dunn who helped chart and teach the choir. The music team also consists of BB Barcus, who helps with recording/mixing and adding some instruments, and Karen Perera, who assists with our practices and various needs. Also a shoutout and thanks to the Remnant production team led by Gwen Shamblin and Joseph Langsdon who helped with song order, put the set together, as well as produced videos, adding various elements and choreography for the event. Jesus Christ is the King who deserves our praise."

Michael Shamblin, composer of Long Live the King

This magnificent choral performance is composed of 10 original songs that the choir has been faithfully rehearsing for many hours per week. Choir members report that this is the most intricate, challenging, beautiful music that they have ever performed, and are so excited for these shows!

Jill Smith, a member of the Remnant Fellowship choir, expresses overflowing excitement and gratitude at getting to be involved in these performances, saying,

"This symphony is life-changing. What God has poured out through Michael Shamblin's musical gifts and Gwen Shamblin's direction is like nothing ever done before. It is hands down the most complex and difficult music I have ever performed, and to see God work through every part of it has been amazing. There is no explanation except God to explain how much was accomplished in such a short period of time! Whether it is the first time you get to hear it, or if you've been involved in the performance yourself - this music will cause your heart to worship God more deeply." - Jill Smith 

Church member Rhonna Rickman got to attend a dress rehearsal for the performance and says,

"I was in awe! The depth of the songs amazed me - there was so much powerful meaning behind every word. I can't wait for this weekend and to see lives changed and hearts moved by this performance!" - Rhonna Rickman

Knowing that this performance will be powerfully moving, the Long Live the King soundtrack has been carefully recorded and produced so that this music can continue to move hearts following the live performances. We look forward to this soundtrack being available at a later date, and are SO excited to witness this glorious performance to God this weekend! May God be praised!

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