Two Sisters Get Their Misters! Double Wedding to be hosted at Remnant Fellowship Church


Parker Jost & Sarah Gunger and Rebecca Gunger & Jeremy Kaunisto will celebrate their double wedding this coming Saturday at Remnant Fellowship Church in Brentwood.

In today’s wedding industry, brides all over the world are going to greater lengths to ensure every detail of their big day is perfect. Very few, however, would ever consider sharing that day with someone other than the groom, least of all their sister. However, Rebecca and Sarah Gunger, two sisters at Remnant Fellowship Church, are proving that not only can this be done, but that it can be done with peace, unity and a whole lot of fun!

All of the beautiful food and wedding cakes are prepared by the talented volunteers at Remnant Fellowship Church.


This beautiful double wedding ceremony will take place on this upcoming Saturday, June 9th at Remnant Fellowship Church in Brentwood, TN and will be attended by approximately 900 guests and webcast to 150 locations around the world! A wedding of this magnitude would seemingly cost well into the $100,000 plus range.


Pictured are some of the men from Remnant Fellowship performing one of our traditional wedding dances. Everyone get your dancing shoes for this weekend’s big event!



However, at Remnant Fellowship Church a grand event of this size, which will include dinner, a DJ, live music,  and dancing will cost only a fraction of what one would assume. This is only made possible through the incredible amount of volunteer work put in by hundreds of members. Years ago, Remnant Fellowship founder Gwen Shamblin set the example by volunteering her time and skills to produce these beautiful weddings. To this day, she continues to voluntarily direct the various wedding committees. Whether it’s decorating, hair/make-up, pictures, or food… there is a committee of happy volunteers for everyone! Each part of every wedding is very prayed over, and the results clearly reflect the beauty and creativity of God!

“I have so much gratitude for all the church members who selflessly volunteer their time in putting on  these beautiful covenant weddings.” -Pam Gunger, Mother of the Brides

Get to Know the Gunger Girls…

The Gunger girls have always been recognized at school and in their local community as exemplary students and employees. Sarah recently graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Mechatronics Engineering and has since been hired as a Controls Design Engineer at Automation Nth LLC. Her fiance Parker Jost majored in Plant and Soil Science and has acquired a job as a Quality Assurance Technician.

Rebecca graduated from MTSU as well with a degree in History and has worked in Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam’s office as Executive Assistant to the Counsel to the Governor. Her fiance Jeremy Kaunisto plans on returning to school in the fall and is currently working as a Contractor. Both couples have found homes in the Brentwood area and plan on sticking close to their friends and family.

 The Engagements…

The two sisters are sharing much more then just their wedding date. In fact, Rebecca and Sarah even started dating on the same day and had the opportunity to get engaged on the same weekend! When asked about this, the girls were both so honored to have experienced so much of their courtship together with their future husbands, Jeremy Kaunisto and Parker Jost.

Jeremy Kaunisto and Rebecca Gunger got engaged at Ashlawn Estate in Brentwood.

“I was honestly so shocked when I got engaged on Friday night because I was in the middle of planning Sarah’s engagement for Sunday!”-Rebecca Gunger

Rebecca shared, “I had ZERO clue about anything happening that weekend for me. It was obviously God moving through both Jeremy & Parker and I’m so glad they followed that lead! 24 hours after Jeremy and I got engaged, we were at Timberland State Park watching Sarah and Parker get engaged on the most beautiful, sunny morning.”


Sarah Gunger got engaged to Parker Jost two days after her sister’s engagement to Jeremy.


Sarah was shocked as well, saying “We spent the week planning for the engagement and when Friday night came, it was such a beautiful happy moment! When Sunday came it was a total shock! I wasn’t suspicious until he pulled me towards him, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.”

As both their relationships progressed, neither of them thought about who would get married first, but beautifully set out to help the groom plan their sister’s perfect engagement! Little did they know, it would be on the same weekend! They both stated how amazing it has been to do so much together and how close it has drawn them.



 “We have always been best friends but I feel like we are even closer on another level! There is more prayer and more going to God with anything our hearts’ desire.” -Sarah Gunger

Rebecca concluded summarizing the dreamy occasion by saying, “I love how God allowed this to line up at the same time…We both had our first dates on the same night, so we got to pray together right before we left for our respective evenings! Knowing we could lean on each other helped so much! Sarah has always been such a rock for me, and her consistent example encouraged me more than I can say.

The Wedding, times TWO!

After their engagement, the two sisters shared how grateful they are to have had each other to lean on through the wedding planning process and how peaceful it has all been.

“I am honestly eternally grateful that we get to plan this wedding together, because the closer it gets, the more I realize I could NOT have done this without her. It’s made all the planning so much easier and more fun to do it together,” -Rebecca Gunger

Therese Marie Jost (Parker’s Mother)  joyfully shared, “I just know this is the beginning of such a true and lasting friendship between these two couples. I am proud to know these four; they mean the world to us and we are grateful to God for all his goodness.” Parker’s parents, Mark and Therese Marie Jost are longtime members and leaders at Remnant Fellowship Church. 

Gwen Shamblin, pictured with the two couples at their engagement party.

Mother of the brides, Pam Gunger, expressed her gratefulness to the girls’ long time role model and founder of Remnant Fellowship, Gwen Shamblin, stating, “Her love for God Almighty and His Son Jesus is inspiring! Her devotion to God has been a beacon to the girls who have gained a deep respect for their father, Mike, and myself. It was their father’s wish to see them in a double wedding ceremony…”

The double wedding is set for this upcoming June 9th 2018 and is sure to be a beautiful joy-filled event! We praise God for these two beautiful couples, Rebecca Gunger & Jeremy Kaunisto and Sarah Gunger & Parker Jost!

To watch the webcast of the wedding click HERE.

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-Many thanks to contributing writer, Kate Tran! 

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