October 2nd: Church News and Announcements

Tonight’s shout outs will be hosted by Mason and Hannah Holbrook on the Remnant Fellowship Facebook Page!


Nick & Celeste Bosley are expecting! Congratulations!


  • Tent Plot sign ups are after our assembly in the back fellowship hall, look for Robin Graham and Jill Snapp! Set up can start as soon as Wednesday for extended camping days!
  • This Sabbath is our Day of Atonement and will take the place of our morning assembly. The assembly will begin at 3:30pm CST. Check your email and WhatsApp for more details on remaining candle lighting times, attire suggestions, and other details.
  • All hands on deck! We will have a work day this Sunday 9am at the church to get ready for Feast of Harvest the following weekend!! All are welcome!
  • For more details concerning the Feast of Harvest weekend coming up, be sure to check your email and WhatsApps!


Chinese fried rice, Sweet and sour chicken, and Egg rolls!

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