Join Us for the 2022 “Days of Awe”

Remnant Fellowship Church has long observed the biblical 40-day period known as the Days of Awe. This year, this long-awaited spiritual journey began on August 22, 2022 at twilight and will continue until October 1, 2022. As Gwen Lara has taught, this time is to commemorate Moses re-ascending the mountain as a second chance to get the life-giving Ten Commandments which represent the Covenant with God. These Days of Awe include levels of true repentance that continue throughout the duration of the 40-day journey.  

The first level of repentance lasts for 30 days and is a time of introspection, knowing that we are in need of change. After 30 days of looking inward and examining their actions and the motives of their hearts, Remnant Fellowship members will observe the Day of Trumpets on September 24th. The Day of Trumpets marks the beginning of the last ten days, in which God sounds the trumpet louder, and the repentance and reverence before God grows deeper.

The 40-day period concludes on October 1st with the Day of Atonement, also called the Day of Forgiveness. This day is an opportunity to enter into a restored relationship with God and have peace with Him after 40 days of humble introspection and repentance. The Day of Atonement is the day that Moses returned with God’s answer and with the Covenant. During this time, we learn how to be humble and not expect forgiveness, but to be appreciative of it so that there can be a great celebration on the final day of the Days of Awe.  

During these Days of Awe, the purging of sin goes deeper every day until you can easily do a complete fast from anything that you may love before God, giving your heart completely to Him. With this type of introspection, looking inward, slowing down and thinking about exactly what God wants, many will testify that these 40 days are crucial to maintaining and strengthening their relationship with God, just as God had intended. It is exciting to show God and show yourself that you can deny your desires and live for God alone!  

We welcome you to join us in this 40-day journey of purity for God! For more information on the Days of Awe and the walk of purity, check out the resources below... 

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