May 21, 2018

Get Ready For DESERT OASIS 2018! The Highlight of YOUR Summer!

Do you struggle with your weight? Have you spent your life searching for the perfect diet, one that actually works? Gwen Shamblin, on behalf of Weigh […]
August 11, 2015

Looking Back on a Wonderful Summer So Far in the Remnant

Now that we are moving into the middle of August on the 2015 calendar, it’s a great time to take a deep breath and look back […]
June 25, 2015

Remnant Youth – A Campout Full of Love, Encouragement, and Conviction

Our Remnant Youth are enjoying an incredible Summer of fellowship and amazing charges from Gwen Shamblin and Elizabeth Hannah. This message is CHANGING them and showing them the way to go…the path to follow even at their young ages.
March 17, 2015

A Viewsical, Passover, Weddings, and Summer Day Camp – A Fun Time in the Remnant

There is NEVER a dull moment, literally…ever, in this Remnant of the Kingdom of GOD! On the heels of an amazing season of Weddings, Christmas, the […]