Get Ready For DESERT OASIS 2018! The Highlight of YOUR Summer!

Do you struggle with your weight? Have you spent your life searching for the perfect diet, one that actually works?

Gwen Shamblin, on behalf of Weigh Down Ministries is excited to once again host Desert Oasis 2018 and YOU are invited! Anyone familiar with Weigh Down will be leaping out of their seats to attend this event on JULY 21, 2018! This one-day seminar will be attended by participants from all over the world who will travel to Remnant Fellowship Church in Brentwood, Tennessee to hear Weigh Down Founder Gwen Shamblin speak, as well as hear many inspirational testimonies from a variety of successful Weigh Downers.

Gwen Shamblin, pioneer of faith-based weight loss and founder of Weigh Down Ministries.

Weigh Down Ministries was founded over 30 years ago by New York Times best-selling author, Gwen Shamblin. Weigh Down is the pioneer of faith-based weight loss programs and is the proven solution to permanent weight loss, as well as the answer to overcoming any addictions and dependencies. Weigh Down works because, as Gwen explains, it addresses the heart of man and the desires that drive a person to overeat or rely on a substance rather than rely on God. The results found at Weigh Down are simply unprecedented; you have never seen weight loss like this!

These Weigh Down participants collectively lost 2500 pounds!

By putting Weigh Down’s Biblically-based teachings into practice, men and women from every race, country, denomination, and background have discovered PERMANENT weight loss. This seminar will change your life! Learn how to eat regular foods like pizza, hamburgers and even brownies and STILL lose weight! Even if you have tried every diet known to man, please know that there is HOPE!

“Desert Oasis is a must for anyone seeking the answer to permanent weight loss. This one-day seminar will give you so much HOPE that you really can lose weight!” Rhonna Rickman, lost 130lbs through Weigh Down Ministries


Mark your calendar and book your flight for JULY 21, 2018 and come see what Weigh Down is all about!

Don’t forget to REGISTER on the Weigh Down website so we can count you in! We can’t wait to meet you!



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