August 12, 2013

Changed Lives and Wedded Bliss – The Remnant Fellowship Covenant Wedding Ceremony of Robert Williams and Priscilla Perez

These Remnant Covenant Weddings and the COMMITMENTS made in each of them are of the highest importance and are entered into with great REVERENCE before GOD and before His Church. As each couple makes their Vows to one another, so we also as a Church make Vows to hold them accountable and to support and encourage them in their marriage...
April 25, 2013

Remnant Fellowship Weddings – Picturesque, Lasting Celebrations of Love, Devotion, and the Covenant

Here in the Remnant Fellowship, we are blessed to enjoy not only amazing “wedding days,” but also lasting marriages. The Truth taught here guides us to TRULY live out that powerful phrase, “til death do us part.” Here in late April of 2013, we are in the midst of a busy wedding season!