Taylon and Jade Wedding – A Michigan Remnant event

Taylon and Jade Beld Remnant Fellowship WeddingRecently, on Sep. 24th, there was a Remnant wedding held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the home of Steve and Laurie Beld.  Taylon Beld and Jade Waterson, two totally transformed young adults got married in a beautiful and God-glorifying ceremony.  Even more blessed than the decor, delicious food and refreshments and celebrations were the pure hearts in attendance. At least 125 members of Remnant were able to attend, some traveling several hours to be there, including two church leaders from Nashville, Tedd and Candace Anger.  Many of those same members even helped out with the decorations on the property.

“Jade married the sweetest young man who puts God first ALWAYS! We are so very blessed! God was shining the whole day,” said Chris Waterson (mother of the bride).  Tedd Anger mentioned, “Afterwards, we shared for hours about our convictions, repentance that has led to incredible blessings, answered prayers and everyone was encouraged.”

It’s been apparent to all that have known them how these two young Saints have consistently put God first in their life, and it showed through at the wedding. Members like MacKenzie Shangle felt “encouraged to go 10 times farther with God” after seeing it all.  These types of quotes may be commonly heard at a Remnant Fellowship wedding, but they’re not often heard elsewhere.  It’s a wedding where the bride and groom both acknowledge that it’s all about God.  And they’ll be the first to point all credit up.

Here’s a video made from that wedding – Hope you enjoy and congratulations Taylon and Jade!  -MS


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    what a beautiful testimony to God

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