Regina, Saskatchewan Refinery Explosion – Remnant Member Testifies

Rhonda Horton - Remnant Fellowship MemberOn October 6th, some of our Canadian Remnant members were shaken up when an oil refinery explosion occured in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Member Rhonda Horton lives down the street from the Co-Op Crude Oil Refinery and thought someone was breaking into her house when she heard a loud bang outside.

“I went around looking out the windows… then Jennifer, my daughter, called to inform me what happened.  My aunt who lives just down the street has her son, grandson, and cousin working there. Thankfully, they’re all fine,” Rhonda said.  One of her cousins was out of town but two of them were there but in a different area of the refinery.  She said this felt like a wake up call to those in Regina… how God can shake up anyone, anywhere.

For a link to the article about the explosion, click here.

Everyone in Remnant has certainly been feeling convicted lately after hearing some amazing messages of repentance. It’s spurred everyone to go further with purity.

One praise to God from Rhonda is that she’s lost 20+ pounds since August, and 80+ pounds total weight loss since reading Gwen’s Weigh Down Diet book in 1999.

For more information about Rhonda’s testimony- click here.

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