5 Advanced Degrees Still Worth The Debt – Thoughts From Gwen

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Gwen Shamblin talks about using our gifts for the Kingdom of GodDear Saints, the article linked above is great for our college students and any adults who are looking to improve their financial situation through continued post graduate hours. Economists now predict that the unemployment rate will continue to be high. Use this wise advice… it is wasting God’s money, time, and energy to take classes without sound guidance on your career direction. We cannot all just use our “favorite hobby” as our career. Many times we have to choose profitable careers to be able to support our families… then we can donate our other gifts / hobbies for the Kingdom of God. Some students like to use college to enhance their hobby and are blind to the fact (sometimes until they are in great debt) that employers might not pay for their services.

For example, you may be gifted in art, but few are willing to pay for your services, especially during a recession. Now, if you couple art with a M.D. degree and become a medical illustrator, that would help support your family. Or perhaps you become a physician and use your spare time illustrating books for the Church.  Either would be wonderful.  Ask God to guide you to a career that will be blessed in the difficult financial days ahead, and then you will be able to use your spiritual gifts. It is much more difficult for someone who is deep in debt and who cannot pay their bills to help others. Keep up with the careers needed for the future.  Go as far as you can in school if wise people agree that it will pay off. Use opportunities to improve your education if it pays off.  Trust me, it will take all the fruits of the Spirit of God to continue in school. Pray also that God will develop ideas on the side that will be groundbreaking for our future.  Remember, when you obey, you are full of the Spirit of the Genius of the world!!!  -by Gwen Shamblin


  1. Thank you, Gwen! What beautiful and practical direction! 🙂

  2. gospelll@roadrunner.com says:

    How true! Thank you Gwen.

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