School is out! Get excited for Remnant Fellowship Day Camp 2018!

The school year is drawing to a close, and we all know what that means! Children and parents alike are getting ready for Remnant Fellowship Summer Day Camp 2018, and we could not be more excited! Ask any child at Remnant Fellowship and they will unanimously agree that Day Camp is the best part of their summer as it provides the chance to grow their relationship with God, as well as have a total blast with their friends and counselors!

Don’t forget to join us for Our Day Camp KICK-OFF Assembly on June 23rd at 6pm CST!

Day Camp in the Past…


Traditionally, Day Camp at Remnant Fellowship has meant the opportunity for school age children to participate in an incredible 5 week camp that helps them learn more about God and read the Bible, all while taking part in countless fun activities. The children are divided into several “tribes” that allow them to connect with children their own age, creating new friendships and maintaining old ones.


Remnant Fellowship Day Camp


The activities and educational opportunities provided at Remnant Fellowship Day Camp are simply abundant, ranging from outdoor sports like swimming and volleyball, to art and crafts, to Bible verse memorization and dance parties. The fun never stops!

Everyone Gets Involved!

Wesley Stites (right) has been a camper since 2008.

This year’s camp will be attended by almost 400 children and led by over 50 volunteer counselors and parents. Teenagers at Remnant Fellowship volunteer their summers and get involved with Day Camp as Junior Counselors, and all of them would agree that Day Camp is the highlight of their summer! Out of town members of Remnant Fellowship with children of ALL ages travel from all over the country and the world to attend part of Day Camp during their summer vacation.

“Being a camper for 8 years and getting to serve as a Junior Counselor for the last two years has been truly life changing! Getting to see the people around me with such an amazing relationship with God and love for each other is incredible and every day camp is better than the last. I️ am so grateful for this time to gain a stronger relationship with Him!” –Wesley Stites, Junior Counselor at Remnant Fellowship Day Camp.

Gwen Shamblin’s Vision for the Next Generation

Founder and Camp Director Gwen Shamblin began hosting Day Camp for families during the summer over 15 years ago. Her love for children and her desire to provide a place for them to learn more about God, experience fun summer activities and strengthen their friendships with each other developed into this Summer Day Camp. When these children go back to school in the fall, they are more ready than ever to show love to everyone around them and obey their parents and teachers!

We highly anticipate another blessed and fun-packed summer learning more about God!

Join us locally in Brentwood, TN on JUNE 23rd, 2018 for our DAY CAMP KICK OFF Assembly, or via webcast at 6pm CST!

To get a better idea of what Day Camp looks like, check out this highlights reel from last year!

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