Gwen’s Take On Occupy Wall Street

Gwen Shamblin talks about Occupy Wall StreetIf you haven’t already heard about the protest on Wall Street called “Occupy Wall Street,” see this link that gives the history…

Occupy Wall Street is a grass roots protest from people who feel like the blame for the current state of the economy should be placed on Wall Street and the government. The protests are mounting and spreading from Wall Street to other large cities – a movement that started off peacefully is evolving into bitterness and anger. The source of anger varies from person to person – the only common denominator is projection.

The news parallels the protests of the Middle East. In the spring of 2011 we witnessed unprecedented upheavals in governments in the Middle East and in North Africa, most of these protests resulted from sheer hunger and massive unemployment from decades of a tyrannical government. Keep in mind that in that part of the world, the per capita GDP ranges from $2,000 to around $14,000 per year, and unemployment ranges from 9 percent to 40 percent in many of these countries. The people in the Middle East risked their lives to protest, and many died. Many lost loved ones, as the dictatorship used ammunition and aircraft against its citizens. The protesters were selfless – for the sake of those in the future.

There is no doubt that the American economy is bad and perhaps heading toward a great depression. Obviously, there are people taking part in the protest who have lost their jobs and homes and are having trouble finding jobs and are hurting. While there are parallels, the good news is that most Americans still have so much more than most of the world and at this point have access to unemployment, food stamps and other government subsidies. One of the differences is that much of the anger stems from a fall from plenty – from a people that had been accustomed to excess and indulgence, versus decades of hopeless, oppressive poverty.

While it is not wrong to express opinions and use the freedom provided for social change for a brighter future, it is not as simple as these protesters think. Our declining economy is not merely controlled by a few people at Wall Street or in Washington. Anger and pointing fingers at our government or the Eurozone is not going to be the answer. While the protesters are right in pointing out the immorality in high levels of corporations, Wall Street, and government, the problem is not isolated to these individuals.

The nation as a whole has become more immoral and overindulgent. The resolution is understanding the connection between obedience to God and blessings. [See Deuteronomy 28.] The solution is going to start with personal repentance and then encouraging our family members to repent.

Grass roots morality will quickly work its way up to affecting the government and all financial institutions. A peaceful movement that encourages broad based repentance is the answer. You are a part of that movement. For now, embrace the following Scripture… 1 Timothy 6:8, “But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.” Continue to pray for national repentance so that the blessings can return and may our protest against rebellion to God become louder than any other protest.


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