Troubled Times Ahead – Getting Prepared

Gwen Shamblin Talks About Getting Prepared for Troubled Times

The book of Joel is an amazing book – it is really humbling and convicting and reminds you perhaps of maybe some of the things God is doing even to this country right now as we speak. And this is no time to try to wing this on your own. We are headed for troubled times.

The people who are accustomed to looking inward and getting ready for a Judgment Day, getting ready for a Day of Atonement, a day that God is going to set the record straight, a day that you are going to find out what God has planned for you, all of those things, looking at numbering your days aright, listening to God – all of these things are necessary and it should not be just once a year. This is a time of year that is more intense, but Remnant Fellowship is about always getting up with this attitude, always going to bed with this attitude, always looking inward, always reflecting – but doing that so that we can hear God’s voice more and more. And in that way, we are guided and you avoid the pitfalls, you avoid the storms, and you navigate through life in a beautiful way. And that is where we are going.

It is a peaceful life going through life with God, hearing His voice. All of these things – from hunger and fullness, listening to God, talking to God all day, letting him know that you need Him and you cannot do it without Him, and accepting the test is the most wonderful thing in the world. Because when the tests are over, you are either dead or you are dead spiritually. We will be tested to the end and there is always some test going on. And you get where you can laugh at the days to come because you know it is a test and the purpose of the test is to pass it. You CAN pass it. You CAN overcome.

(Taken from Gwen’s sermon-9/28/11)



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