Streaming TV Show Coming- “You Can Overcome- With Gwen Shamblin”

Remnant Fellowship Streaming TV ShowIntroducing…“You Can Overcome”

“We are all facing more trouble in the future, but there is a way to overcome” says the founder of Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship Church, Gwen Shamblin, who is busily getting ready to premiere her live online TV show “You Can Overcome.” The show, which airs on October 27th of this month and will run every Thursday during the lunch hour (11 am CT), will feature guests who have overcome great obstacles in their lives. Shamblin and the Weigh Down staff hope that people will tune in during their lunch time to stay encouraged during the week and that it will be a positive spot that they will look forward to each week.

Gwen Shamblin "You Can Overcome" TV ShowGwen Shamblin, the founder of Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship Church, has been teaching people for over 25 years how to overcome overweight and strongholds through books, seminars and live speaking engagements. The TV show is a natural crossover for her – a natural “stream” – from what she has been doing – just in a different format, which she hopes will reach a broader audience. Staff at the Weigh Down office say, “The topics will be relevant and current and the commentary and teaching has been revolutionary for 20 years and it’s just getting better. Watchers will be able to email questions directly to Gwen at and they’ll be answered live on the air.”  Another neat feature is that it will be very easy to Tweet or post on Facebook that you’re watching in real time- a great evangelistic tool.

During the series’ premiere, you will meet Heather Jordan, (before and after pictures at bottom of page), who lost over 158 lbs and looks like a completely different person. She will also testify about her healing from divorce, release from prescription drugs, and more. “Just that I show up to work now (and have been promoted) is huge – no longer laying around in bed curled up in a ball. There is now a purpose in my life. The fact that I am now smiling all the time is truly a miracle,” Jordan colorfully described in a recent interview.

“The world is in trouble right now, and there is no better time for a show like this. People need answers and hope that they can change and that there is a way to overcome anything,” says Shamblin. During the episodes, Shamblin will also cover current events from a godly perspective along with steps on how to overcome in the areas of obesity, debt, substance abuse, depression, relationships, parenting, and other pertinent topics.

Weigh Down Weight Loss - Before PictureWeigh Down Weight Loss - After PictureWatchers will stream the live TV show through Each episode will last approximately 45 minutes and for those who miss the live show, replays of that week’s episode will be uploaded to Weigh Down’s YouTube Channel that afternoon. For more information on “You Can Overcome” or how to log in, go to or call the office at 800-844-5208.    -MS

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