Feast Of Harvest 2011 Summary


Remnant Fellowship Feast of HarvestThe quotes that are coming in from around the Remnant are that these Days of Awe and this latest Feast of Harvest was the best ever!  Saints like Mel and Marty Boerman were in Austria visiting the Laury family and were still able to join in the celebrations, even though it was the middle of the night for them, because the whole event was webcasted worldwide.  Remnant Canada celebrated in Regina and hosted their own versions of the dance party.  The overriding theme this year was joy, per Gwen Shamblin’s leading…

“I could never recount all the amazing things my beautiful father in heaven has done !! Feast of Harvest was so incredible !! I am so honored as well as undeserving to be apart of such an amazing event ! God is genius and I love him so much !! This is the good life.” – Tim Lemon

“Praising God for Remnant Fellowship..where youth and old are in sync with one God, one spirit, one truth, one narrow road!” – Mary Anne Parsons

“Feast of Harvest 2011!! Feeling SUPER blessed to be there and celebrate this…the meaning of it all gets deeper every year. What a truly over the top FESTIVAL for GOD! Nothing but joy…:)”  -Tami Hagenauer

Remnant Fellowship Feast of Harvest

Saints not only webcasted but traveled from all over the country and the world to be in Nashville and descended on the Remnant Fellowship church building over the several days of the festival.  The Feast, which was the culmination of the 40 day period of repentance and looking inward called the Days of Awe, was supposed to be a time of great joy and celebration.  People started pouring into town on the preceding Wednesday and Thursday and many stayed all the way through the weekend.  Many Remnant Nashville families used it as a fellowship time to house some brothers and sisters traveling from out of town, and a lot of encouraging testimonies came out of that as well.

Remnant Fellowship Feast of Harvest Weekend

During the day on Friday the church grounds were open to the members and visitors and people flocked to the activities going on outside.  Families brought picnic lunches and there were pony rides and hay mazes for the kids.

Remnant Fellowship Feast of Harvest Celebration

Friday night was the opening assembly and Gwen spoke along with many powerful testimonies.  There was also praise and worship from the band.  Saturday afternoon was the main event, and started with a beautiful processional and entrance and ended with some major fun as the chairs were cleared and the men gathered together in large circles and danced before the Lord!  Watch the video below to get an idea of what this was like.

The variety of music at the assemblies was astounding, ranging from original bell songs written by church members to rock out, hip-hop concert type music at the end.  Member Broadnex Allen, (a former prisoner who was converted from a Weigh Down class while serving time), was at the festival and remarked how amazing it is this church has such a huge variety of music. At the Saturday night assembly for instance, classical type worship, then more rock-type worship, then even hip-hop worship was heard all in one night, as well as original Remnant dance music afterwards.

Everyone used it as a time to dress up in fall colors and come celebrate to the Lord for all He’s given us this year!  The food and festivities were amazingly blessed because everyone is taught to be out of self and serving others here in Remnant Fellowship.  Those who were there can testify to the abundance that was everywhere.  Photos don’t do justice to the beautiful church decorations, which have been inspired by Gwen through the years to reflect the bronze and gold colors of the fall, and were pulled off by teams of volunteers and staff who spent hours fixing up the sanctuary and church grounds.

Remnant Fellowship Feast of Harvest 2011The most important part, however, had to be the truly inspiring messages given by Gwen Shamblin.  Over the years she has single-handedly brought back these festivals and taught the importance and significance of what they mean for each of us.  What God had instituted thousands of years ago is now being celebrated once again at the Remnant Fellowship!  You can hear some excerpts from her sermons on the Highlights video at the bottom or on Youtube.

Besides the Friday and Saturday night assemblies, as if all of these gatherings weren’t enough, there was a baptism event held at Ashlawn on Saturday morning.  23 people had requested to be baptized into this 100% obedient walk with Christ and death to self and following God’s will!  Gwen delivered another charge to this crowd on that morning encouraging them.

All in all this has been a time of joy for all involved. We here at Remnant Fellowship praise God for another year to get to live this life of purity and obedience to God Almighty!  Thanks to all who helped make this year’s festival a success.  Here’s a Highlight Video which summarizes the weekend. Enjoy!

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