WD Has An Alternative To Drugs

After seeing illegal drug use by two young men at a recent professional athletic event, the eyes of a current Remnant member were opened to another level of addiction. Greed for food, alcohol and illegal drugs was everywhere around them that day. The two young men heating and inhaling a small rocky type substance across the aisle shook them up and they wanted to make sure they actually were witnessing illegal drug use right out in “broad daylight”. The boldness of these youth in public was shocking.

As has been taught by Weigh Down since day one, we’re all passionate about our “drugs” and we’re going to pursue them with all of our heart, mind, soul, or strength no matter what that “drug” is. Seeing this use in real life wants to make us work double time to get the truth out to a hurting young generation. And it’s not just the traditional drugs that we all remember that are common. The latest stats state that prescription drug use and abuse is increasing over marijuana. Our government’s response is to funnel monies and focus toward helping teens that are already using drugs but they don’t have the real answer or solution- just a band-aid to cover up a deeper problem. They don’t know how to take away the desire for the drugs. We here at Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down have learned that it’s actually a problem of the heart. The opportunity we have is enormous, but so is the responsiblity because we’ve been entrusted with a message to get out to a hurting world. It is the truth that a person can be addicted to something that will actually help them, that there is life after death, and that we can overcome an empty gnawing lonely heart. Go listen to the lesson, “Fighting Fire
with Fire” on Truthstream
, where Gwen Shamblin charges us to be victorious so that the world can see God’s light and learn how to seek Him for fulfillment.  Praise God for a place that teaches truth.

If you haven’t become a member yet, Truthstream is 24 hours a day of encouragement and resources. Also available as an app for mobile devices. TruthStream Homepage  -MS

If you missed the latest “You Can Overcome” TV episode check it out here. 



  1. Zionnana says:

    Praising God for these lessons of truth that teach our youth that God is their all and all, not the things of the world that will pass away. Praying for all our RF youth to stay connected to the real Vine of God and Jesus His Only Son.

  2. Gayle Mahnke says:

    Yes, praise God for a place that teaches His truth! Praise Him because anyone who turns to Him, He will help, and He blesses every one who truly comes to Him. This is a place to turn to Him and find that His ‘high’ far exceeds anything that substances or other things can give.

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