522 Million People Could Have Diabetes By 2030

From the Associated Press — The International Diabetes Federation predicts that one in 10 adults could have diabetes by 2030, according to their latest statistics. In a report issued on Monday, the advocacy group estimated that 522 million people would have diabetes in the next two decades, based on things like aging and demographic changes. The figure includes both types of diabetes. The group expects the number of cases to jump by 90 percent even in Africa, where infectious diseases have previously been the top killer. Without including the impact of increasing obesity, the International Diabetes Federation said its figures were conservative.


From Gwen– Overweight and obesity are fast becoming an epidemic and this condition is the single most related factor to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, joint pain, poor health, slow healing, and early death. Weigh Down gives hope, because you can relearn how to change your eating behavior and your approach to food, and therefore regain control by eating moderate amounts. Everyday unsuccessful “dieters” have become successful “thin eaters” – people who only eat when their stomachs growl, and stop eating when they are full. People who live the longest and are in the best health eat regular foods in small amounts, according to what their bodies call for. So therefore, small volume of food is the biggest health measure you can make in your life to prevent cancer, heart disease and diabetes. It is healthy to wait to eat until hunger, and people with diabetes can do this too. Just make sure you read the book and see your doctor. Other medical conditions are addressed in The Weigh Down Diet, but remember, losing weight is the number one thing that you can do for good health and longevity, so do not fear waiting for the hunger.

What About Diabetics?: Consult your physician and make sure he or she is fully aware of the principles of this program (Weigh Down). Type 1 diabetics need to know how to check their glucose levels regularly and to adjust insulin intake accordingly as the volume of food decreases. They must eat when their blood sugar is too low and when they feel hunger. Type 2 diabetes (adult-onset) is usually the direct result of overeating. The body is overburdened by the ingestion of too much food, and the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin to handle the excess. Diabetics who have come through the program have sometimes been able to regulate their insulin level and eliminate medication by simply reducing their intake of food, which gets the insulin/food ratio closer. Occasionally, low blood sugar and hunger do not coincide. If blood sugar levels drop, do not panic! Usually, small amounts of food taken within a few minutes will make you feel better. Some physical conditions may be alleviated when you lose weight and start eating regular foods in smaller amounts. For example, if you have high cholesterol or triglyceride levels, losing weight permanently could possibly alleviate the problem. Spastic colon and ulcers may improve as you eat the volume of food that your body calls for. Joint and muscle problems are improved in some cases. People on cortisone and/or those who have lupus will still lose weight, but the weight loss may be slower. Diabetics going through this program will reduce their food intake, bringing the insulin/food ratio closer. As a result, many have been able to reduce or even eliminate their medications. It is very important to understand, however, that the process of regulating insulin must be done under a physician’s supervision. Please consult your physician in regard to any of these conditions.


  1. Zionnana says:

    Thank you Gwen and Weigh Down Ministries for this informative article on how to loose weigh and in so doing have a healthier life. What a beautiful gift from God to those who apply the principle, health.

  2. So grateful there is a way out and that we are not “doomed” to be a bad statistic!! Thank You, God!!! And thank you, Weigh Down!! 🙂

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