Excelling in the Workplace

Larissa Ottinger


“My Assistant Principal gave me a great evaluation, with “5’s” (the highest rating) in several areas. He said that if he could have given a 10 in Content Knowledge, he would have. He was also very encouraged by my knowledge of each student and what their needs were, which are definitely things I have learned through the Remnant message of loving God first and putting others before myself. Thank you to Gwen and all those at Remnant who have helped me find this personal relationship with HIM that gets me through testing and answers prayers!”

Steve Hord

This praise report was recently sent in from Larissa Ottinger, a member of the Remnant Fellowship locally in Brentwood but it is a common theme expressed at practically every Wednesday evening assembly when we share praises with the entire church. In fact, there have been six similar praises in the last month alone.

Cat Ross

Steve Hord and Cat Ross both work for the U.S. Post Office here in the Nashville area. While the postal system has been going through layoffs and turmoil, Steve was promoted and Cat was given a significant pay raise.

Chris Waterson

In Indiana, member Chris Waterson’s boss just told her, “I wish I could clone 10 more people just like you.” This was said as she was given a pay raise and a promotion.

Naomi Howell

Naomi Howell’s employer recently asked her if she knew anyone from the Remnant Fellowship who could fill positions at her work because he has been in business for 25 years but has never had workers like those from Remnant Fellowship.

Lora Pace

In Orlando, Florida, Remnant member Lora Pace was recently awarded employee of the month.

Vickie Veeder

Vickie Veeder from Brentwood was given the highest review and a pay raise.

What is going on when so many members are being recognized and promoted or given pay raises in the midst of the worst economy in decades? For the first time in our lives, we have heard the truth about what it means to be under authority. We may have heard this concept before but most of us did not understand it, obey it, or understand that it is the foundation of a relationship with God.  This has had a tremendous impact on the American workforce as explained recently in The Wall Street Journal:

In a new survey by The Hartford Financial Services Group, 40% of small businesses (defined as companies at least one year old, with fewer than 100 employees and revenues $100,000 or more) say it is “not easy at all” to find good help. Only 14% say hiring good workers is “very” or “extremely” easy.

Weigh Down Ministries

Anyone who is familiar with Weigh Down Ministries and Gwen Shamblin know of the incredible weight loss testimonies but just as many testimonies of job performance, promotions, and raises have been produced through this teaching because it is based on the same principle – learning what pleases your authority (parent, boss, teacher, husband, etc.) and joyfully following through on it.  It has truly changed every aspect of our lives.  It has truly set us free from bad attitudes, poor perfomance, complaining, and undermining our bosses… and it is being highly blessed.  Praise God for the truth taught at Remnant Fellowship and for the application in every aspect of our lives!!!

– submitted by Tedd Anger

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